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Artist(Band):Sum 41

"Well, the guys always figured rock'n roll would get them
girls. I always told them they were way too ugly to be
interested in girls, and I was right." Mom - SUM 41
The boys of SUM 41 are a veritable tossed salad, a
smorgasbord, and a Spam, if you will, of the music that
drives today's youth. Punk rock, hip-hop, and skate rock
are like butter on breakfast toast to these leaders of the
new school. With pounding guitar riffs, drum beats that
make your ears quake, and voices comparable only to that of
a choir of More...

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Review about Sum 41 songs
sounds alike | Reviewer: asshole3413
    ------ About the song Exit Song performed by Sum 41

this song has the same style as Slipping Away in Chuck. they're both slow and sad songs, and exit song is more mature, on the other hand, possesses more pain that can be felt actually.

terrific | Reviewer: asshole3413
    ------ About the song Take A Look At Yourself performed by Sum 41

this song is mainly about teenagers, school life and their REAL feelings. He hate it when being told to act in a 'right' way, which against his instinct.
And the negativity inside every kid.

This song definitely is a very good reason to buy the album! | Reviewer: Parra
    ------ About the song Noots performed by Sum 41

This song was in Fantastic Four? O_O Really? I mean, it was my favourite movie when I was younger, but when I stumpeled over this song just a few days ago, I didn't felt like ever have listened to it before. Hm.
But, actually, it was because of this song that I bought the album as my first Sum 41 album. I'm really glad I found out about this group half a year ago, with the song "Over my head". Though this one may be my favourite song of them. I love it.

Perfect...? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pieces performed by Sum 41

I tried to be perfect, to make my life perfect. I think I succeded. I had never been unhappier my whole life, and some days later I got a burn-out from all stress, got depressed, lost everything I was proud of, I felt like I was the biggest failure on earth. I started to have panic attacks on almost a daily-basis... Now, one year later, I'm in the hospital and have been for a month, for eating disorder, self-harm, suicide plans and depression... So, yea, I tried to be perfect, it just wasn't worth it, nothing could ever be so wrong...

Excellent song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Reason performed by Sum 41

I think this is one of the best Sum 41 songs, if not the best. Every time I listen to it, no matter how sad I am, it gives the strength to go on, it keeps me going. I love this song. It has kept me from ending it all so far.

One of the best slow songs ever | Reviewer: J Heat
    ------ About the song Crash performed by Sum 41

One can find many possible things this song could be about. You could say it's about a man dying of a disease and he's saying good bye to his wife. Or it could be about the lead singer Deryck Whibley's sadness about his failed marriage to Avril Lavigne. Either way, this song is absolutely amazing. It is a slow song but it goes by very fast. In fact, I found myself wanting it to go on for longer. The music is sad and spooky yet oddly comforting. You can feel the emotion being poured into Deryck's words. I think almost everyone who hears it will want to play it again. It is a truly fascinating song.

but noone believes me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pieces performed by Sum 41

when i discovered this song i immediately thought that it was written for me. this song makes me cry bcuz it reminds me that all the times i tried to be perfect i never made it. my best friends are now mad at me..and i am to blame .i never thought that being real being you would make them happier.and now being lonely depresses me.but the only thing that im proud of myself is that feeling down and not trying to cheer up urself will never lead anywhere...

they are so gay | Reviewer: sum 41 are fags
    ------ About the song Fat Lip performed by Sum 41

i hate this song it is shit every thing about them sucks they are just attention seeking wannabes they are no better then the wigglesthey are so gay on the other hand the rainbow connection by jason maraz is so awesome i love it soo much he can acctally play a guitar and he can sing to i it soo much sum 41 could out stage the wiggles in a fag off Sum 41 = GAY MEN c=3

And I'm Better Off On My Own... | Reviewer: Annaliese
    ------ About the song Pieces performed by Sum 41

Yesterday my friend came over.
We had a fun time,
But all of a sudden, he became quiet, looking at me strangely.
I had been thinking about things, but his silence brought me out of it.
I asked him what was wrong. He shopk his head, only saying that he was going to play a song for me on his phone. Pieces.
As I listenned to the song, it confused me, until I realized why he had played it... for both of us...and it makes me sad...but I still like this song.

A great song worth listenin to:) | Reviewer: Benzamin doungel
    ------ About the song Dear Father (Complete Unknown) performed by Sum 41

A great song indeed and sang by a great voice........the lyrics is great as sure is some song worth listening to......everything related to this song is GREAT......thumbs up to sum41:)

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