Sum 41 Albums

  • Screaming Bloody Murder Album (3/29/2011)
    Reason To Believe
    Screaming Bloody Murder
    Time For You To Go
    Jessica Kill
    What Am I To Say
    Holy Image Of Lies
    Sick Of Everyone
    Happiness Machine
    Blood In My Eyes
    Baby You Don't Wanna Know
    Back Where I Belong
    Exit Song
    We're The Same

  • Underclass Hero Album (7/24/2007)
    Underclass Hero
    Walking Disaster
    Speak Of The Devil
    Dear Father
    Count Your Last Blessings
    Ma Poubelle
    March Of The Dogs
    The Jester
    With Me
    Pull The Curtain
    King Of Contradiction
    Best Of Me
    Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times
    So Long Goodbye
    Look At Me
    Bonus Tracks
    Take A Look At Yourself
    No Apologies
    This Is Goodbye

  • Chuck Album (10/12/2004)
    No Reason
    We're All To Blame
    Angels With Dirty Faces
    Some Say
    The Bitter End
    Open Your Eyes
    Slipping Away
    I'm Not The One
    Welcome To Hell
    There's No Solution
    Bonus Tracks
    Subject To Change
    Get Back (Rock Remix)

  • Does This Look Infected? Album (11/26/2002)
    Hell Song
    Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
    My Direction
    Still Waiting
    No Brains
    All Messed Up
    Mr. Amsterdam
    Thanks For Nothing
    Billy Spleen
    Reign In Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree)
    WWVII Parts 1 And 2

  • All Killer No Filler Album (5/8/2001)
  • Half Hour Of Power Album (6/27/2000)

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    Reviews about Sum 41 albums

    Sum 41 Underclass Hero | Reviewer: nabo
        ------ About the album Underclass Hero performed by Sum 41

    this album is different and he have very very confused aparences cause is more pop what others albums(does this look infected,chuck...)
    this album is more pop/punk rock alternative whose "all killer no filler" but isn┬┤t the best album with difference.

    ? Underclass Hero ? | Reviewer: Without_heaD
        ------ About the album Underclass Hero performed by Sum 41

    It is the fist album of this band wich i can listen 24 hour in a day! all song are based on simple punks akkords and changing rhythms and it's the piquant thing which makes this album very interesting and funny and impressive! Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times" song is the craziets song. to be short I recommend you to listen this album and just enjoy it!!!!

    One of their classics. | Reviewer: flamedramon6
        ------ About the album All Killer No Filler performed by Sum 41

    I found this to be one of their best albums. Here the lowdown:

    Introduction to destruction: 9/10; not a song but funny to listen to nontheless. With it seeming like the album was going to be metal but was completely different.

    Nothing on my Back: 9/10; the vocals for deryck could have been better it still is a wonderful song.

    Never Wake Up: 8/10; basically a sort of basis for A.N.I.C. saying that Anna Nicole Smith should never wake up, so now that she's dead they can't play this right? (WRONG!)

    Fat Lip: 10/10; truly one of the best songs on the list that perfectly combines rap with rock, and some incredibly good vocals.

    Motivation: 10/10; I can sort of relate to this song with my true sense of laziness, with fast paced guitar and drums this song will get stuck in your head, in a good way.

    In Too Deep: 10/10; an Awesome song with an even better video, I guess this is about relationships going south. Maybe. Still absolutely fun to dance around to.

    Summer: 8/10; Look at Half hour of Power then you will know why.

    Handle this: 9/10; I think that it had an awesome ending with an even better guitar solo.

    Heart attack: 10/10; A good song to sing along to with a sense of nostalgia of those lazy days during summer when you were a kid.

    Pain for Pleasure: 10/10; Lo and behold apparently they decided to do something metal. Amazingly one of their most popular songs as well with Stevo singing the main vocals, and Dave sing the metal falsetto that is so common among metal bands nowadays.

    Well thats my two cents (or more). See you later, and I hope this was helpful!

    love still waiting | Reviewer: josh
        ------ About the album Does This Look Infected? performed by Sum 41

    love the album but still waiting is ma favorite song lads!!

    Sum 41 new album rocks | Reviewer: Niv
        ------ About the album Chuck performed by Sum 41

    Sum 41's new album is much better than there last albums, its more heviyer, slower and much better. You can tell they have worked hard with this album and it mainly goes out to the people suffering around the world. good on u sums keep up the good work and remember to buy the album u wont regreat it.

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