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Anathema Suicide Veil Lyrics

Last updated: 04/21/2013 02:27:03 PM

A sacrifice in the flight of dawn
The beauty of twisted reality
In my heart, my dreams

A sacrifice for freedom
Alone in the grace of the dark
The pains of a failed generation

I longed for the death of the sun
Another glorious revelation
Destiny's plan for ruin

I danced with the shadows
In tranquile chaos I lie naked in the rain
An interception of light
A disturbing memory
This suicide veil I wear in shame
To the top8. Radiance
The dark is fading away
I don't want to be alone anymore

The light of dawn is here once more

The light...
Darkness is slipping away

Of dawn...
I don't want to be alone

Is here...
Won't you stay?

Not a word passed your lips
Just a golden kiss
As I whispered silently
Help me through this