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A sacrifice in the flight of dawn
The beauty of twisted reality
In my heart, my dreams

A sacrifice for freedom
Alone in the grace of the dark
The pains of a failed generation

I longed for the death of the sun
Another glorious revelation
Destiny's plan for ruin

I danced with the shadows
In tranquile chaos I lie naked in the rain
An interception of light
A disturbing memory
This suicide veil I wear in shame
To the top8. Radiance
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The dark is fading away
I don't want to be alone anymore

The light of dawn is here once more

The light...
Darkness is slipping away

Of dawn...
I don't want to be alone

Is here...
Won't you stay?

Not a word passed your lips
Just a golden kiss
As I whispered silently
Help me through this

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Not suiciding thanks to songs like these. Thanks. | Reviewer: Matias | 4/17/13

"People actually commit suicide because of music like this":
Nah, the song is an artistic expression that actually helps ease the pain of living in a world were everyone needs to be "happy", and everyone "needs" to enforce "happiness" upon others. The only thing driving people to commit suicide, is the pressure to be happy, and all the cliches that are attributed to "leading a happy life", are ways of living that are most of the time driven by the underlying force of consumerism. "Happy consumers", as Bill Hicks used to say.. Everyone is unique, each individual finds their own kind of happiness. Songs like these simply reinforce the fact that we are not all happy, this is not a world of peace and harmony were we are all happy, and if you believe that it is, then my friend, you are one who should commit suicide.

Art and Imagination | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

Don't be fools, it is not for songs like this that people commit suicide. If that was the case, then all philosophers and psychologists are causing with their theories massive suicides.
Art and all imaginative creation is a way to express what we is felt by humans, what intrigue us. It is a way to explore the black holes of the mind.

Great song, but its's not the killer. | Reviewer: T. | 4/17/07

People commit suicide for many different reasons, but if any person clam's a song is the reason for a suicide they aren't looking deep enough or they want something quick and easy to blame. If this song makes a person that sad it's either because they are already sad and most likely have been for awhile and/or they have a chemical imbalance. I've spent five years of my life learning about a few types chemical imbalances. Pills are NOT always the answer, but for some disorders they can be the difference between life and death. Suicide hurts, it's sad, and a lot of people feel it,the people leaving their pains have left them here with the people that loved them. However taking away dark arts will not help. Art can be all someone has. Why would someone sad want to listen to people singing about happiness. It feels like everyone else can be happy but you can't escape the pain. Some may feel sad, but others can feel like they finally fit. It's not the music, look deeper, see the truth.

Suicide | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/07

this song all about suicide. People actually commit suicide because of music like this, it isn't funny, it is devistating

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