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(Gunshot then phone rings)

"Suicide Hotline, may I help you?"
"Yea, uhh, Well, I'm about to fuckin' kill myself"
"Listen, ya don't wanna do that, okay you don't wanna do that, okay?"
"Im gonna uhhh..."
"There's so many fuckin' reasons why I don't even need to be here anymore, Imma put a slug in my fuckin' head"
"You don't wanna do that, you wanna be on earth, okay?
"Fuck that shit man, I got a gun right now"
"Put it away"
"And I got it right under my chin, man fuck that"
"Take it away from your chin"
"I'm gonna fuckin' blow my head all over the ceiling"
"No, you're not"
"Fuck this shit man"
"Hey, just talk to me, okay?

It aint no point to me wakin up
Everybody's time I'm takin up (Noo)
I got nobody, there aint a shoulder near
I can't stay here and it's colder there (where?)
I don't wanna look back 'cause its gonna hurt
I slice my wrist and It's gonna squirt
For me, everybody holds the hate
I get backstabbed and everybody holds the stake
There's no roads to take, I'm in a circle drive
Bustin' at myself an' I'm tryin' to survive
I'll dissapoint you, and I will let you down
I aint got many homeboys comin around
You don't understand, so dont say you do (yes, I do)
I swear I'll put a motherfuckin' slug in you (now now.)
I'm the only one, the lonely one
At home alone loadin' the gun, thinkin' why not?

"Why not? Why would you wanna die? Ok, Ok, you have feelings, inside your head, ok? I understand that. feelings lead to depression, When you have depression, you have a lonely void inside your heart, ok, and your heart means everything to the world, ok?"

I got court comin' up, I stoled a truck
I got a bitch pregnant and i'm broke as fuck
I wanna get high but I got piss test
I'm always first name on top of shit list
Get this, the witch has made my chest
it's permanent nightly visiting nest
There aint no clothes that I look good in
I'm like the motherfuckin' big red train that couldn't
I got no family, I stoled they shit
restraining orders, an' I still wont quit
I hit rock bottom, and then I fell in a hole
and then I fell through the floor, of that hole some more
I've been missin' for a year, nobody's lookin' (I am)
I got beat down an my shit tooken (Ooh)
I look ahead an all I see is more of the same
All this self-inflicted bullet hole, pourin my brain

"oook, I understand that you're in pain, ok? I understand everything you're going through, I've been there myself, ok, now, your pain is my pain, alright? And I feel your pain, And I wanna be your friend, just me and you

I dream about cuttin' heads off wit a shovel
The dreams are gettin serious, think I'm in trouble
I dont hold memory for more then an hour
i'm tired as fuck, and i'm drained of power
I aint halfway there an im all out of time
I'm like a crushed lightbulb, all outta shine
I been all around the world an no place is home
I wanna see the other side when I face this chrome
I'm butt naked, i been jackin off, gettin' drunk
It's my last hours alive, who gives a fuck? (me)
It dont matter, I'm doin this shit in the garage
Tryin' make it easier for them ta clean my head splage
This bitch I loved, I hope she finds me
Still up in the chair wit my thoughts behind me (Wait,Wait)
I'm about to do IT! (noooo) (A beep)
"Can you hold for a second?" (Wait, Wait)

"Hey, whats up?"
"Where you at?"
"Right down the street."
"Wit who?"
"My girl Shannon. We were wonderin' if we could stop by?"
"Well, shit, yea, Come on by"
"Yea...Hey Hey..Hey"
"I know bring some blunts, Alright."
"Uh huh, aight, bye"

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some people have no clue | Reviewer: miss | 1/6/12

if your not part of the "family" you wont understand, if your just someone that listens to there music and dont understand the meaning behind what they do or the people that they bring together then thats your problem, there songs are not jsut songs they are a part of life for us, people say its bullshit the things they say or that they make people think dieing and killing is okay, but think about all the people that they have brought together the "family" is just that a family, we stand by each other come hell or highwater so relize what the hell your saying

Suicide should not be glorified | Reviewer: voiceofreasoning | 11/16/11

Never have I heard such an offensive piece of garbage in my life. Just because your sad doesn't mean you should kill yourself. This song makes suicide seem like a viable solution if your depressed. Children listen to this. Why put these thoughts into their heads

Posers? Please dont post. | Reviewer: Juggalo Homie. <3 | 5/7/11

~Pardon me.~
If any so called "juggalos'" don't know who sings this song then you need to re-evaluate your "family."I don't want you fucking posers as my family. And yes. Insane Clown Posse does sing about God. If you do not believe in God then don't believe in what they are singing. Liking their music and being a Juggalo are two very different things and I hope you posers figure that out. Oh and may I add that Violent J did in fact sing this song. Please don't post your religous preachings either. That's fucking rank.
~Shangri-La for all my family~

Rev. Ph8 has a point. | Reviewer: Zakk | 6/15/10

I agree, this song is perfectly set up to be a conversation with God. I never thought of it that way, and whether ICP or their listeners realize it themselves, the hotline symbolizes the one who cares what you do, won't stop you, but will try to give you the strength to fight these things. Now that may symbolize something different for other people, but God suits that role very well. Of course you will get some negative feedback from closed-minded people such as Anonymous | 7/29/08. But if they are closed-minded enough to close us out when we try to help, that is THEIR problem. God wants us to witness, but some people aren't strong enough to understand the word of God. Oh well. Spare me the negative comments, I won't be reading them.

AWESOME | Reviewer: WICKED B | 11/17/09

first off j does awesome when he sings this song and shaggy does not sing this song to the idiot who thinks he does i am down with the clown 4 life shit killa c is my uncle in real life he introduced me to the entire juggalo family

amazing..... | Reviewer: Hyp3rgraph1a | 10/24/09

this song is everything i can never say when i feel like this. thank you icp for creating a family that all the outcasts can belong to, down with the clown till im dead in the ground much clown love to all my juggalos out there and if youre feeling like this, just remember it will all get better.

oh yeah on a whole different side note, the guy like 3 comments below me who said that shaggy sang this song needs to get his throat punched lol come on dude how can you not tell that this is violent j? shaggy dont sound like that at all fool. anyway im outta here.

kill all juggahos!!!

Yo homies | Reviewer: matthew | 8/31/09

hey first of all im down with the clown and well we all just family and think of it this way how fucked up is your family not one person can tell me your familys not weird we is just a family we got the old grandpas that have been blazen up to thiss shit since the dark carnival was born then we got the little cousins that are still learnin bout the wicked shit and yo you hate us well we aint nothin more then a click of lunatics and well we may not be normal but we got love for one another so if you wanna be another bug on my nutz go ahead but fuck off with tat bullsht


What has the world come to? :\ | Reviewer: Wow, retards. | 5/13/09

Why the hell are so many Juggahos on here. For one, if you even LISTEN to ICP, you would KNOW that they sing about god. Thy Unvelling, serch it up retards. Also, Lord_Iris is such a dumbass Juggaho he dosen't even know that J sings this song, not Shaggy.

Juggaho's are a million times worse then ICP haters.


suicide hotline | Reviewer: Lord_Iris | 1/2/09

ICP are a group. this song was prob written when shaggy was feelin down. musicians often put thier feelings into song and publish them so people can share thier pain. ICP just like to do things a lil differently. displaying emotions on a suicide hotline is what they are there for, and shaggy is a singer, he sings what he feels. nothing to do with a god. and if you hate the song... dont post a comment!! too many stupid people post comments after seeing something they dont like. if you dont know what you dont like, then you should figure it out and not post on things you hate. a line from slipknot comes in here "everyone defamates from miles away but face to face, they havn't anything to say." dont make threats over the internet. one day a psycho will take them up. thats all i have to say, thanks for reading... and to everyone who reads this post, have a good day ^,..,^

WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/08

This shit aint got nothin to do wit mofuckin god. why the fuck you listenin to ICP and talkin bout god SHUT THE FUCK UP
shout out to all yall juggaloz and juggalettez
mofuckin keep choppin!!!

The Convo of God. | Reviewer: Rev. Ph8 | 7/6/08

This song in my opinion is based on a conversation with god.. once a person has simply hit rock bottom... as stated my the insane clown posse that every jokers card was the saga of the dark carnival (God) when I read this I am reminded by a line from the book "fight Club" or the movie... once you loose everything is when you gain everything..

God never wants you to end your life, for God has a much bigger plan in the long run, the Conversation with God in this simply implies it being a prayer and speaking with god asking god why... why? why was these things happening? why am I feel so tested with my faith? Gods words never has to be the voice its self, it was the savior of a womans voice who brought him back into living, the fact that you have freinds no matter where you look, Mortal or Deity...

to the so called | Reviewer: glenn tha man | 1/4/08

lol bad ars ur proble some nerd who never went to any war or traind for any combat an yet ur good enough to challange juggalos if your so bad why havint we ever heard of u an insted of talkin shit on the net do something bigget pansie on a farm Juggalos Run shit an there is nothin a hitler wanna be can do about it

PLZ DELETE CHRIS CALBURTS REVIEW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

The review of Chris Calburt was a prank. I also want to say nobody should commit suicide for if you can stand the pain of this life and belive and trust in Jesus Christ then you shall not only be blesed with what you diired by preyer in this life but also go to heaven THANK YOU FOR READING THIS

Chris Calburt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

I recently listened to the song Suicide Hunk line and while I lessening I thourt how much I hate nipas. I would personally kill any juggalo in Australia I live at 9 Albert court Geelong I live on a farm in Geelong Australia my Second name I DARE ANYBODY TO FIGHT ME IN AMERICA I hate all Americans Australia and England were beating the Germans far before you sissy American troops even got involved in the war you didn’t even bother to help until you precious Hawaii was bombed. And in Vietnam all you guys did was smoke weed and have deodorant up your arms while we were outnumbered and still beating the witness. GO ON ASK ANYBODY IN AUSTRALIA to kill me I bet you can’t LOSERS.

Review Of Suiside Hunkline | Reviewer: Chris Colburt | 8/15/07

I resently Lisened to the song Suiside Hunkline and while I lisserning I thourt how much I hate nigas. I would peasonaly kill any juggalo in Australia I live at 9 alburt court Geelong I live on a farm in Geelong Australia my Secound name I DARE ANYBODY TO FIGHT ME IN AMERICA I hate all Ameicans Australia and England were beating the Germans far before you sissy American troops even got involved in the war you dident even bother to help until you presious hawii was bombed. And in vietnam all you guys did was smoke weed and have deoderent up your arms while we were outnumbered and still beating the vitness. GO ON ASK ANYBODY IN AUSTRALIA to kill me i bet you cant LOSERS.

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