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Sugarcult doesn't play by the rules. Since the 2001 release
of their debut album, Start Static, the Santa Barbara-based
quartet has been rewriting the book on how to succeed in
the brave new world of post-millennial rock & roll.

Taking their characteristic DIY attitude to the limit, the
band brought its case directly to the people. Crisscrossing
the world for two years nonstop and playing hundreds of
shows, Sugarcult has shared the stage with many of today's
most established and hottest upcoming bands. They also hit
the main stages More...

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Review about Sugarcult songs
foot stompin, pencil tapping, ear wormish tune | Reviewer: 60's Love Child
    ------ About the song Los Angeles performed by Sugarcult

I have to thank our young neighbor for sending us the video of the plane landing in L.A. I deleted it, however he always sends my lover of 50 years..married foe 43..the same videos. I heard your song from the other room and came to see what was giving me that young feeling. Played it over and over,forwarded it to our 39 year old daughter; and am planning on buying what ever I need to play it nonstop. Keep rocking. You should be proud that your music transcends the generations.

So true, very very true | Reviewer: Bree
    ------ About the song Pretty Girl performed by Sugarcult

My friend showed me this song when I let her know about my way older boyfriend who had this thing with putting his hands on me. I 'loved' him so of course my stupid self never left.. until like a year and a half later DX now he isnt around at all, and well quite really he is dead because some other girl he hit decided to hit back..with a base ball bat.. I miss him but I would never let him hurt me in any way ever glad he is gone.

A song that brings to life my past | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song Pretty Girl performed by Sugarcult

Its a great song, that really has alot of meaning behind it and several meanings to it as well. I really feel alot of which has been said in this song more than any song has ever brought to me. So of course it makes sense that a real past mistake has been made or it has gone amiss in life today. I really owe alot to this song and all of the inspirations that its brought me.

Its not that depressing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pretty Girl performed by Sugarcult

This kinda reminds me of past relationships. I'm a sucker for guys who make me feel special & I don't feel that I'm very attractive so if a guy is like "you're really pretty" & stuff like that I fall for them pretty damn fast. I've had a string of bad relationships where I havn't realised I've been getting treated like crap untill it was over & my friends felt I'd listen if they told me what they saw was going on. I was with one guy for a year, he treated me like crap, he flirted with other girls, he was controlling & manipulative but I couldn't see it; all my friends could but only one of them said something & I didn't believe them so none of the other tried to tell me. The song kinda reminds me of I was treated like crap again & I let myself be walked over again & how it took me so long to get over it & realise just how horrible he was. I didn't really full believe what my friends were telling me untill he confessed he was thinking of dumping me for about 6 months (yet he had said he wanted to marry me)& he liked anohter girl (even though he was still sleeping with me; he told me if I did he'd get back together with me which I now realise I shouldn't have done but I was pretty much suicidal).

Its not a sad "omg this girl is me I messed up so much" song though. It kinda reminds me that all thats over for me & I'm in a healthy strong relationship now with a guy who loves me (my friends have learnt to tell me if they think anything isn't right & they say my current boyfriend is amazing). It reminds me not to get into that again & look after myself more. I think the guy in this is obviously a little nicer than my ex's...I mean at least he wants to tell her he cheated & he obvs still cares for her...he just doesn't feel as stongly as she does. At least he didn't just wait to get caught & tried to keep it from her like guys I know.

"Los Angeles" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Los Angeles performed by Sugarcult

I have to say that this song rocks! Simple lyrics, but ones that actually mean something coupled with a really catchy tune equals a song that pops up on almost every one of my play lists. Really, it's just an awesome song!

love it!!! | Reviewer: meagen
    ------ About the song Pretty Girl performed by Sugarcult

i so get this song it reminds me of what im going through and how i told myself i would never let it happen again. oh well... but still love the song now i wish i could just find my Edward Cullen :)

Beautiful | Reviewer: Metanoia
    ------ About the song Back To California performed by Sugarcult

I started crying my eyes out when I listened to this song. I have been going through a tough place in my mind and it just said everything going through my head. I was definitely not expecting that.

Beautiful song with touching lyrics. The slow tempo just makes the words hit home.

this song is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: the sky crys for you
    ------ About the song Memory performed by Sugarcult

ahh!!! this song reminds me sooooo much of one of my exs
I miss her sometimes but it's my fault that we're not together so I can't say anything cuz I'm to blame
this song perfectly describes how I feel about our late relationship
good work keep it up sugarcult

Great song | Reviewer: Alisha
    ------ About the song Do It Alone performed by Sugarcult

Sugarcult brings back a lot of memories for me and I like what they're saying in the lyrics because I sometimes feel that way.

Like when you want someone close for refuge, but you're not quite ready for a relationship yet. Or maybe even you're not even looking for a relationship, just someone to spend time with, someone that understands.

Kind of the in between step of getting over a relationship and being ready to love again.

Hahaha.. (= | Reviewer: Melissa
    ------ About the song Pretty Girl performed by Sugarcult

What that dude said is so right.
"wow i do this ALL the time to girls!!!
no i just got tired of reading literally the same comment over and over again.
if you don't realize it, theres a song out there that everyone ran realate to. if you can't tell when a guy just wants to fuck you than maybe you deserve to just get burned like that. learn from hands on experience what guys want...

everyones like aaahh this song makes me cry.
this song makes me feel passionate. i think more about the "its the way" parts, rather the then other lyrics that explain he cheated or whatever, the "he confesses everything"

and uh.. honestly if a guy was JUST trying to get laid for a while, and cheated on you.. he wouldn't all confess it like it implies in this song. he'd just run and ignore your calls and such. thats how it works, generally.

i'm pretty sure this song isn't about a girl gettin burned like that.
its about how an in love girl feels when the other doesn't feel the same way.
or thats my opinion anyway."

LOL you hit the nail all the head, said exactly what I was thinking.. :) Its a good song.

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