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The first band to emerge from Iceland and achieve worldwide
recognition, the Sugarcubes released three acclaimed albums
during their time together. Lead vocalist Bjork continued
on to establish her own successful international solo
career after the group disbanded.

Formed in 1986, most of the Sugarcubes' members had already
been involved with other high-profile Icelandic acts. Bjork
began her career as a solo artist when she was just eleven
years old, recording a children's album and later recording
with the post-punk band Tappi More...

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Reviews about Sugarcubes songs

"Birthday" is NOT about a Happy Birthday! | Reviewer: Watcher_at_the_gates
    ------ About the song Birthday performed by Sugarcubes

This song is as relevant now, as the day of its "conception".

I am absolutely flabbergasted when I go to clubs and hear this song being requested with various happy, shiny, "Birthday" greetings to friends. It seems, to me, like people are requesting this song honestly believing that it is an alt birthday song?! It is very difficult to watch people smiling and "working it" to this song with a drink in their hands, apparently oblivious to its darker message.

This is not a "happy birthday" song.

It is a sad song about a 5 year old child who is manipulated by a neighbour. It is incredibly powerful and impactful. In this day of the rising prevalence of internet kiddie porn, its message about how children are vulnerable to predators is just as important as ever. Are we looking after our children?

If one READS the lyrics, and understands well the content (which is often full of imagery and symbolism), then one may fully appreciate the sadness/ beauty of this incredible song. This song is an excellent example of how music can give voice to social conscience: something that, arguably, many modern day songs are lacking. THIS is what makes post-punk songs of the 80's, classics. The songs are written by rebels WITH a cause.

Maybe, after reading this, you will decide that I am wrong. Maybe I am. Maybe we both need to carefully read these lyrics and hear the haunting voice of Bjork in this song, again, just to be sure...

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