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Sugababes are an English pop trio based in London,
consisting of members Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade

The group were formed in 1998 by original members Siobhán
Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan. After some
initial success, Donaghy departed due to arguments, and the
introduction of Range in 2001 was met with the commercial
breakthrough of the group's first number-one single "Freak
Like Me" and parent album Angels with Dirty Faces in 2002.
They had major charting success with their singles; "Round
Round" and More...

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Review about Sugababes songs
sad | Reviewer: Carla
    ------ About the song Ugly performed by Sugababes

It is a sad song because people called me ugly when I was younger but it's good because I sang it this song in Steed of getting angry and it made me feel better

beautiful song | Reviewer: Sache
    ------ About the song Ugly performed by Sugababes

I have always been different from my peers, I was small, frizzy haired, and had big teeth boys called me ugly and there were times when I was bullied because of my looks. but then I listened to this song. although I still don't have confidence with my appearance, but at least this song taught me about personality. and I'm happy.

This song is so helpful!!!! | Reviewer: Destiny
    ------ About the song Ugly performed by Sugababes

This song helped me when I go through stuff in school when the boys call me names like ugly and sometimes I try to play it off but it really hurts so thank you so much Sugababes!!! <3

"If I'm UGLY then so are you" | Reviewer: Priia maii
    ------ About the song Ugly performed by Sugababes

This is the best phrase that has ever existed.

My so called 'BFF' bully's me and fakes being nice to me in front of the "cool, pretty girls" in our class who we all look up to. she makes me feel like an empty coke can..being squished after a day with her.

When I get home I pretend im fine.. then I go into my bedroom, do some blogging whilst listening to this feel-good song.

This song was aimed at those who feel left out, like me, who feel .. the odd one out who tries to fit in. a few of the meanings of the lyrics:

-- Cos people are all the same = We are all the same at heart, though people try to cover up their flaws

-- If im ugly then so are you = If im ugly then you are .. as above reads:^^

This song saves my life every evening ..

So; If im ugly.. then so are you, so are you

xx--Priia maii

I Was Caught In A Moment | Reviewer: DixieDude
    ------ About the song Caught In A Moment performed by Sugababes

I love this tune.I was out of my mind in love when I first heard it.It didn't work out-I could not bear listening to it without enormous pain.But now,I can listen again and I remember that awesome feeling for the very best person I ever met.It is good to think of that time and remember how beyond words it all was.I will never wish anything but the best in life for them.I still have love in my heart-tried to deny it-but it is there.Very deeply I fell.

Thoughts With Mutya | Reviewer: Cerys
    ------ About the song Maya performed by Sugababes

This is a beautiful song which should be highly praised, and may our thoughts be with Mutya and her family through these hard times.

Mutya, you are a beautifully talented singer.
Cerys xxxxxxxx

exactly. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stronger performed by Sugababes

sugababes helped me through some rough times back in 2002 - family stuff, false friends, bullies, being misunderstood in general. I finally moved out of my parents' house two months ago, and I'm beginning to realize in how many ways I was held down all the time, how everybody in the family would cuss me for the most unimportant things just because they were afraid of all the potential inside of me, of that ridiculously strong base I've grown inside myself and now start to grow further from. I'm just learning how to treat myself right, how to live a healthy life without any of that psycho stress they had played on me for all my life, and I guess that's quite what the song "stronger" is about.

5 Star! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ugly performed by Sugababes

I love this song because it shows how people use the word 'ugly' wrongly. Personality is what matters, hence the saying 'you don't judge a book by its cover'.
I was bullied for a long time while I was in school by being called nasty names with 'ugly' being one of them. However, now when I look back, I realise how much better I was than them!

AMAZING | Reviewer: shannon .
    ------ About the song Push The Button performed by Sugababes

i think that this song is amazing i know it of by heart and am writing down the song lyrics for me nd my mat eso twe can sing it together and maybe send it of to the music deal we chose this because it is so catchy and amazing also we love sugerbabes xxxxxxxx love shannon xxxxx

Fuck off | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Walk This Way Feat Girls Aloud performed by Sugababes

You murdered one of my favourite songs of all time, pushed it on the floor and destroyed it's arse with your terrible commercialised way of singing, I hope every who partook in this dies a slow and painful death, that include Cheryl.,

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