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Last updated: 01/17/2013 09:36:05 AM

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Blitz, you test me, no more. I'm calm, now absent, I'm date-rape yellow
Black to the liver come on

Take my lung, take my loose tongue, take my sum
Take my memory
Of nothing at all, nothing at all is what you remind me
No thread, no lips, no postscripts, no eclipse of my liberty
Oh pedigree chum, pedigree chum I'm never your father

More, my arc light, my knees. When she casts off her clothes I don't know what is reality...

My death throes, this
Indefinite pose, her flesh codes
Oh suffragette, suffragette I wanna be outlawed and AWOL
No alphabet can be used yet no cassette is available
Oh I dunno how I dunno how I'm gonna reset my whole radar
Forget, forget

Of nothing at all, nothing at all is what you remind me
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Oh suffragette, suffragette i wanna be outlawed and AWOL but

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