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Lamb Of God Suffering Bastard Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2008 11:00:00 AM

Shorn of apocryphal pride, the locks falls predicting strife. Cranium
exposed, denial of aesthetic. Push it a little farther. All of this burnt to
ashes, all of this torn to rags. I don't know what the fuck have I become?
Synapses snapping mortality decimated. Breakdown whiskey shifts hate into
overdrive. Realizing it's murder of the self so clean. Hand reaches out
desecrates impunity. Ripping away foundation's identity replacing with
shame. Transgression mythologized, indiscretions immortalized. Anger
inflamed with dry rot, pushing towards severance. What a bloody mess.
Visiting dark sites unknown, grief lands like a ton of bricks. All of this
burnt to ashes, all of this torn to rags...

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Burn The Priest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/2008

This song is superb. I actually liked Lamb Of God better way back when they were Burn The Priest. The sound quality may have been the suffering bastard here, but the music itself was way more brutal and gripping.

This song makes me want to strangle myself with barbed-wire. Fuck yes, Burn The Priest.