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The Pale Pacific Sucker Punch Lyrics

Last updated: 02/02/2006 10:00:00 AM

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It's under shirt sleeves
Bare shoulders and now
Tattoos of the things we love the most
And it's retold with amazing success
And it seems so brave but it's just a sucker punch

And so I
I glower and plot
And I will wreck you

It's what we loved in this family
Only in my head
It's knees and elbows
Melted down instead

Groups of things you tell yourself
I'm solid it's just that nobody knows
It's replayed with precision and care
And why are you even talking
You weren't even there

So I
I glower and plot
I will wreck you

Chorus [x2]

And we're waiting, waiting, waiting
Are you done?

Do you wonder whatever became of this
Have you ever tried to call
I won, I tried, I gave it a shot

We've grown, graduate and married
I would want to know these things
I won, I tried and I gave it a shot

So we ache to be different
Even though we don't really know how
I won, I tried and I gave it a shot

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