Suburban Legends Albums

  • Infectious Album
    All Around The World
    Win A Date
    So Fine
    Trophy Wife
    Summer Crush
    Bed Of Roses
    You Told Me That

  • Orgin Edition Album
    Gummy Bears
    Car 54
    Da Bomb!
    Me And You
    Rose Tint My World

  • Dance Like Nobody's Watching Album (7/1/2006)
    This Cherry
    Hey DJ
    Mean Girl
    Come Back Home
    Golden Touch
    Bright Spring Morning (Slow Version)

  • Season One Album (3/1/2004)
    High Fives
    Do It For The Kids
    Bright Spring Morning
    Blingity Bling
    Autumn In The Park
    Up All Night
    I Want More
    Powerful Game

  • Rump Shaker Album (3/1/2003)
  • Suburban Legends Album (4/16/2002)

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