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Donald Carpenter - Vocals | Eric Friedman - Lead guitar,
Vocals |
Kelan Luker - Bass | TJ Davis - Guitar | Garrett Whitlock -

After the indulgences of the 1990s, today’s audiences are
searching for music that asks the big questions, and offers
hope that a band can be a positive force for a change.
Submersed, a young band from humble Stephenville, Texas
welcomes that challenge on their debut, In Due Time. The
five-man band -- consisting of an army-man lead
singer/lyricist, a high school football hero on bass and a
Los Angeles More...

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Submit Submersed New Lyrics

Reviews about Submersed songs

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hollow performed by Submersed

It's really a shame a band this good had to call it quits. This song has been my favorite for some time now, and I only discovered it a few months ago. This is Submersed at their finest, imo.

To anonymous review on 10/20/2007: If I'm not mistaken, the band wrote it...

Beautiful... | Reviewer: Sabina
    ------ About the song Flicker performed by Submersed

This song touches my heart like no other. It's so honest, so beautiful, so heartbroken...

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