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FORMED: 1988

I first met Sublime in the Fall of 1988, me and Brad were
students at C.S.U.L.B. The band was the most popular group
on campus and on the way to being the biggest draw in town.
At the time, I was playing in the Ziggens and Brad would
occasionally let us open up. One day I decided I was going
to release all the Ziggens demos I was working on in the
cassette format. I got a sharpie marker and scribbled out
Skunk Records for the xeroxed liner notes. "You can't just
do that" said Brad. Sublime had just More...

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Review about Sublime songs
bre | Reviewer: tanner
    ------ About the song Marley Medley: Guava Jelly/This Train performed by Sublime

Bre and I both loved Sublime, especially this song. She passed away in early 2014 of a heroin overdose. She was the love of my life. She will always be with me through this music.

Drink those kidneys off | Reviewer: Oe 800
    ------ About the song 40 Oz to Freedom performed by Sublime

Dude a 40 is a beer/malt u must be in 5th grade u never been in a liquor store? They sell beer too dipshit and snacks and tylenol and meth pipes and everything else I need except the hooker loitering in front, a pimp around the corner sells her.

Shot in the Dark | Reviewer: Jfly
    ------ About the song Pawn Shop performed by Sublime

After listening to this song countless of times since it first came out I'm still not exactly sure what it's about. I'd like to say to it might be about some sort of warning for the human kind about greediness but yet I can't help but think that it just might be about a pawnshop

Beside the point | Reviewer: SC_Fan
    ------ About the song Pool Shark performed by Sublime

It is common knowledge Brad borrowed lyrics just a thousands of bands have done. I doubt Brad would have ever claimed to actually write Trenchtown Rock or any other songs they sampled/dubbed/borrowed. It was the early late 80s/early 90s and Sublime did this better than anyone. Their music is one of the best examples of being well before their time that I've ever heard. Most songs were written in the very early 90s and became widely popular and heavily played 5-10 years later and you cannot tell me that Badfish, Santeria and many other songs sound outdated to this day. If you grew up in a beach lifestyle or surfing lifestyle Sublime was the absolute best along with other punk bands like Bad Religion to get you hyped for a surf session. I was fortunate to see Sublime on the warped tour in little ole Myrtle Beach SC on 8-15-95. Think what you will about SC but the beach scene here is as good as any, maybe not the surf but we are willing to travel to Hatteras, Sebastian, Folly, Wrightsville and others blasting Sublime the entire way. Hurricane season during the the 90s gave us epic east coast waves and Sublime among others was the theme song to those epic swells and epic girlies. Sublime stretched borders and is loved to this day. I will always cherish seeing them more than any other band and I've seen everything from the Grateful Dead, Run DMC, Smashing Pumpkins, Beasties, Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, and many more. Sublime is truly the one band I feel lucky to have seen live. Everyone should have had the chance to see them live. They truly rocked and changed the scene forever. From Long Beach to Garden City, SC. They rocked the entire US.

Hiding behind a song by a baby's Daddy... | Reviewer: KC Marin Myrick
    ------ About the song Cisco Kid performed by Sublime

This song is funny for cowards trying to act like a real man. Yeah, E is like her Mommy, thank God. Way more Irish than Scottish, so your actually talking about yourself. You can't confront or directly talk to anybody that makes you mad. You simply wish you were like Cisco. You do your dirty work in the night and hide. All you do is harass and intimidate the mother of your daughter. Y'all move, your the one with all the money. My daughter's breathing treatments alone cost more than your "child support" you pay. Why don't you try being nice for 5 minutes to a female other than calling her a b*tch and you just might find out it works. I doubt Cisco treated his best ladies like this. Like a wimp. Oh he took care of his children too, drop dead or change your stank attitude. Happy Holidays

Nostalgia Never Dies | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Same In The End performed by Sublime

Love this song...matter of fact the entire album was genius, at no point does it lag. Id bump this and evil empire back to back from beginning to end. It dropped when I first started skating and forever will link this with my cumming of age. Too bad you were only three when it dropped, whadda sperm...WUTANG!

Still listening | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Marley Medley: Guava Jelly/This Train performed by Sublime

No one's reviewed this song in three years and it's interesting to see reviews going back 8 years on this page while listening to this song.

This song is sad but great, the beginning is especially beautiful.

truth. | Reviewer: livfreely
    ------ About the song Perfect World performed by Sublime

If you don't like the artist, & our disagreeing with their music than simply don't listen to them. It's rather annoying when people criticize music. Everyone has different taste, & if that genre is what puts them at ease than let it be. I personally think that it's good to be open to all music because there is hidden meaning behind each song, & being able to relate to the writer's lyrics is a great feeling.

incredible musical ability | Reviewer: Ben
    ------ About the song Rivers of Babylon performed by Sublime

i lament how short-lived this band was. they had astounding original compositions (especially on 40 oz. to freedom), but they also had a knack for taking other bands' songs and making them better. to look at what songs they covered really shows their good taste in music, their inspiration. this rendition of "rivers of babylon" rocked.

BradleysBBHLHA | Reviewer: HOLLY
    ------ About the song 5446 That's My Number/Ball And Chain performed by Sublime






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