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There's a saltwater film on the jar of your ashes; I threw them to the sea,
but a gust blew them backwards and the sting in my eyes
that you then inflicted was par for the course just as when you were living.
It's no stretch to say you were not quite a father
but the donor of seeds to a poor, single mother that would raise us alone.
We never saw the money that went down your throat
through the hole in your belly.

Thirteen years old in the suburbs of Denver,
standing in line for Thanksgiving dinner at the Catholic church.
The servers wore crosses to shield from the sufferance plaguing the others.
Styrofoam plates, cafeteria tables,
charity reeks of cheap wine and pity and I'm thinking of you,
I do every year when we count all our blessings
and wonder what we're doing here.

You're a disgrace to the concept of family.
The priest won't divulge that fact in his homily
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and I'll stand up and scream if the mourning remain quiet,
you can deck out a lie in a suit.
But I won't buy it.
I won't join the procession that's speaking their piece,
using five dollar words while praising his integrity.
Just 'cause he's gone, it doesn't change that fact:
he was bastard in life, thus a bastard in death yeah.

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Simply stunning. | Reviewer: Bianca | 11/7/09

This is one of the most poetic songs I've ever heard. The lyrics have just the right amount of... well, everything. The story is touching, too. It reminds me of my uncle's father. I'm fortunate that I have never felt this way, but the song still makes me tear up nonetheless. Amazing...

this song is incredible | Reviewer: Ed | 9/6/09

this song has some of the best lyrics I've ever heard.

"The servers wore crosses to shield from the sufferance plaguing the others."

Death cab is just absolutely beautiful.

Some parts of this song make me cringe, some make me want to cry, and some make me want to scream, but either way, this song is absolutely one of the most incredibly powerful, underrated, overlooked songs out there.


Unbelievable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/09

Everytime I hear this song I think of my cousin. I feel as if this song was written for her. The lyrics touch the soul and I hope to have the chance to see them play this song live. Ben Gibbard is genious.

Styrofoam Plates | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/08

Ben's friend's father died, and he wrote this song after attending the funeral. Everyone knew the father to be a conceited, and overall not very good person. When people would say their last words about him, they would use back handed compliments such as "he was a stubborn person, but that's just the way he was." Ben didn't like how everyone was trying their hardest just to say something nice about him, explaining it in the line "just 'cause he's gone, it doesn't change the fact: he was a bastard in life, thus a bastard in death yeah."

awesome | Reviewer: brent | 11/4/08

this song is awesome, but you all should know that its not about his own personal life. its about one of his friends' father, not his own. still, his emotion on the subject is what makes it a good song.

Beautifully written | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/08

I think this is one of my favorite DCFC songs because of the raw and honest emotion that Ben displays as he scream, "Just 'cause he's gone, it doesn't change the fact he was a bastard in life thus a bastard in death!". It is really well written. I can clearly see the picture he paints and feel what he felt as a child who feels abandoned by his father.

yup | Reviewer: chris | 9/7/08

this is one of the most beautiful songs ben gibbard has ever written. In my opinion, he is one of the most underrated musicians and lyracists of our time. This is by far my favorite DCFC song coming from by far their best album (the photo album).

Styrofoam Plates | Reviewer: Beth | 8/12/08

although this is not my favourite DCFC song, it is one of them. the lyrics are outstanding, in which they tell a story without shouting it. the melody is brilliant, and words they use such as "belly" add a twist of immaturity to the song, possibly showing that he was a child.

Wow | Reviewer: Sam | 4/12/08

I've had this song floating around my iPod for a while, but never took the time to listen closely to the lyrics. Once I did I was shocked: How could I possibly overlook lyrics this amazing? There's definitely a lot of people who go through the same emotions with estranged parents, and it makes you really thankful to have a good family. Although I disagree with the comment below (the lyrics are fairly obvious) this doesn't take away at all from the fact that this is an amazing work from an amazing band. Can't wait for the new album!

-applause- | Reviewer: Sophie | 6/25/07

This really is a meaningful, good song. The lyrics tell a story without being completely obvious, and it's just... really beautiful.

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