Styles P Albums

  • Phantom And The Ghost Album (4/28/2014)
    Never Safe
    Creep City
    Deeper Self
    World Tour
    Don't Be Scared
    Never Trust
    Rude Boy Hip Hop
    Other Side
    For the Best
    Smoke All Day
    We Gettin
    Bonus Tracks
    Same Scriptures
    So Deep

  • Float Album (4/20/2013)
    Hater Love
    Float (Intro)
    Manson Murder
    Bodies In The Basement
    Take It Back
    I Need Weed
    Red Eye
    Shoot You Down
    Open Up
    Screw Yall

  • The World's Most Hardest MC Project Album (11/20/2012)
    Araab Styles
    I Know
    Like That
    Empire State High
    Pop Out
    Hoody Season
    Murda Mommy

  • The Diamond Life Project Album (8/23/2012)
    Black Diamond (Intro)
    Gripping Over Here
    Poppin Bottles
    Yo Trill Sheet
    Black Diamond 2 (Skit)
    Thru The Struggle
    Diamond Life
    Keep Me High
    Throw Down
    Black Diamond 3 (Skit)
    The Myth

  • Master Of Ceremonies Album (10/4/2011)
  • The Ghost Dub-Dime Album (5/18/2010)
  • The Green Ghost Project Album (2/2/2010)
  • Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman) Album (12/4/2007)
  • Time Is Money Album (12/19/2006)
  • The Ghost In The Machine Album (11/1/2005)

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