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Stutterfly Biography

Last updated: 03/24/2008 12:00:00 PM

The summer of 1998 brought forth the creation of 'stutterfly', under their original name 'uncle ed's private jet'. What started as a hobby for five young men from Kelowna B.C., Canada, swiftly turned into a passionate and emotional outlet for four of the five, as guitarist Jesse Allan left to pursue other endeavours. The remaining four members: Chris Stickney (vocals/guitar), Jordan Chase (bass/vocals), Bradyn Byron (guitar/vocals) and Craig Langerud (drums) continued on to become one of the most intense and energetic live shows you will see.

Their melodic hardcore sound resonates with three-part vocals and harmonies, intense hardcore screaming, hard-hitting drums, and thick driving guitars. These, punctuated with transparent lyrics, form a refreshing new sound distinct from other bands.

'stutterfly' quickly sold out of their first demo CD "descent" then hit the studio to record a new demo "hollow". Starting as a demo for promotional use only "hollow" quickly turned around and sold over 3,000 copies at their shows alone, in less than two years. "broken in pieces...", their first full length and most powerful sound to date, will be released June 8th, 2002 on Sterile Records. Touring the American Northwest and Western Canada twice, this creative and hardworking band generates a buzz at every stop, and is always welcomed back. Playing festivals and touring as much as their time will allow, they have created an amazing reputation. They have big plans for their new CD "broken in pieces...", so keep your eyes open internationally for an opportunity to see and hear 'stutterfly'.