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well she was precious
like a flower
she grew wild
wild but innocent
perfect prayer in a desperate hour
she was everything beautiful and different

stupid boy
you can't fence that in
stupid boy
it's like holding back the wind

she laid her heart and soul right in your hands
and you stole her every dream
and you crushed her plans
she never even knew she had a choice
and that's what happens when the only voice she hears
is telling her she cant
stupid boy
stupid boy

so what made you think that you could take a life
and just push it, push it around
i guess to build yourself up so high
you had to take her and break her down

she laid her heart and soul right in your hands
and you stole her every dream
and you crushed her plans
she never even knew she had a choice
and that's what happens when the only voice she hears
is telling her she cant
and you stupid boy

oh you always had to be right
and now you've lost the only thing that ever made you feel alive

she laid her heart and soul right in your hands
and you stole her every dream
and you crushed her plans, oh yes he did
she never even knew she had a choice
and that's what happens when the only voice she hears
is telling her she cant

you stupid boy
oh I'm the same old same old stupid boy

it took a while for her to figure out
she could run
but when she did
she was long gone, long gone

Nobody's ever gonna love me like she loved me
she loved me, she loved me
god please just let her know im sorry
im sorry, im sorry, im sorry baby
im down on my knees
she's never coming back to me

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karma | Reviewer: anonanon | 12/13/13

The world is populated with stupid boys- sad but true. Nothing to do but cry over over spilled milk when self centered boys and girls wake up one day to see the universe doesn't revolve around them.

Heart broken and still going back | Reviewer: Chelsea | 4/23/10

I just left a boy who was just that way..he treated me as if I was nothing to him. Yet I keep going back ti him I don't no how to stop. Everytime I try to leave he always beggs for another chance. He cheated on me, I gave him another chance and now he treating me worse than ever. I think it's really over this time but it's hard to say I have to see him everyday at school. I know I'm only 16but relationships are hurts sk bad still, and thi song made me realize I'm better than him so I finall stood up for myself. I just hope i can stick with it this time, and not go back. It's just hard when I hve no one else to try and keep my mind off things cause I ave op everything for him.... Thanks Keith u made me stronger

Boys can be very mean sometimes!! | Reviewer: anne | 9/4/09

I had a guy that did me that away,He brought me down to make himself higher,I really did care about this guy, but now i dont!! so I ran away from him so you can say im never going to talk to him again,cause of the way he hacked my computer and treated me like crap and made me talk shit about him so he could break me down to his level!! Oh well what comes around goes around,Ive learned the hard way about men,They say to forgive and forget but I cant cause he made me almost take my life and he made me have a miscarriage in the process...

dont know what to do. | Reviewer: callie | 1/4/09

i absolutly love this song to death. though i am in a relationship like that.. and every one knows it, they tell me all the time, i just dont want to believe it, I know its true, i guess im just scared there wil be no one else.. i dont know what to do..

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

i was one of those guys, i treated the love of my life like shit, constantly bringing her down in order to raise myself up. i was so blind as to what i was doing to her...until she finally left and met someone else, my world came crashing down around me and i finally realized what i had done and who i had become. my world is a world of pain and regret, and i deserve every second of it...

amazing !! | Reviewer: chelsey | 2/11/08

wow ... everytime i hear this song i cry .. its hard to think that theres people out there that would take someone for graneted.. but there is .. and by keith writing this song , it has helped alot of women over come the feeling that its ok to be treated like something worthless .. but its not .. its taken myself a while to realize this .. but at about the 8th time ive heard this song , i realized it !!
thank you so much for giving me the strength and power to overcome something "greater" then myself !!

gone, long gone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

i dated a guy for a while who was very very controlling and mentally abusive(thankfully i got out before it got to the physical part) and i listened to this song the day after i left and cried my eyes out. everytime i hear it i think of how lucky i am to be moved on from him. it took me a little while to figure out that i could get out, and when i did... i was gone... long gone. this guy i dated had so many emotional problems he felt he had to control me and break me down to make himself feel better... keith, amazing job on the song.... thank you

stupid boys | Reviewer: haley | 12/14/07

some of the boys in my grade are stupid because they want go with every girl they see. see like the boys in my grade because they are stupid, and they are ugle.

some guys need to hear this | Reviewer: Justin | 11/29/07

some guys need to listen to this song and learn from it. Every guy should treat his g/f like a queen and not bring pain and sorrow to their significant other. There is nothing like the love of a woman.

guys need to listen to this | Reviewer: Justin | 11/29/07

guys need to learn to treat their g/f's like the queens they are. Stop bringing pain and sorrow to your significant other. There is nothing as great or as strong as the love of a woman. Some guys need to listen to Stupid Boy.

Young thing* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

Hey ... Well this song is def one of the best... I just got out of a year and 8 months with a very stupid boy. He walked all over me.. and Im not just saying that. He relized that he was after I broke it off with him and did everything he could to try and get me back so he could show me he could change... He told me I was being selfish because I wouldnt give him one "more" chance... But Why would I need to? he made me sad for so long ... How was I the selfish one? I wasent... him saying this made me relize he wouldnt change .. He was still trying to control and minipulate me... but in a different way. I have recently found someone who is totally opposite from that stupid boy.. and u could say I lub it :P He is actually there for me in everyway I need him to be.. So Im just throwing this out there ladies.. I know u think that this stupid boy is all you have .. and If u leave him you will be left by yourself... but a new boy who might now be so stupid will come along.. thats a promise.. as long as you let him treat you right ... dont ever pull away from new things because old ones have hurt you... your only hurting yourself by not allowing the new things in .. do something for yourself..

He knows he's stupid | Reviewer: Sherry | 11/13/07

My ex boyfriend treated me so bad throughout our relationship and took advantage of the fact that I "laid my heart & soul right in his hands". Now that I've left him he's realizing how stupid he was and has been trying to get me back ever since. He told me he now knows the real meaning to this song. At least he knows he was wrong and is admitting it, but I'm still not taking him back after everything he's done.

Renay | Reviewer: Renay | 8/28/07

I recently was made aware I was ingaged to a stupid boy who betrayed my trust and broke my heart. This is a tough song to listen to, but I love it anyway. Someday, I hope to write one similar to express my hurt having my heart broken. Love is a very difficult thing to give after someone takes it away.

Stupid Boy | Reviewer: Rebecca | 8/15/07

well this sontoo me is sad bc .. i just a few days ago i lost my stupid boy.. it makes me sad bc i had just came bac from a friends cottage.. and well this reminds me of himmm .. and i miss hiimm man hes stupidd

thank you | Reviewer: Thankful | 8/11/07

thank you keith. this just shows that there are some men out there who get whats going on...even just a tiny bit =)

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