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Mr. Bungle Stubb (A Dub) Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 01:03:10 PM

Do you remember
We called you puppy?
Now you're one of us
We call you family

Family, family, family, family, family, family...

Treading underfoot and stinking ass
Hold the door aside and let her pass


Reflections of a bloated lie
A life stored in your cloudy eye
Now it's time to say goodbye
Stubb a Dub will never die

Chase a tail that isn't there
It's time to wipe your butt
Sliding down butt hill

Dahg Rustafabri - do you know
That you're a fucking dog?
If you can hear me, then throw up
Give me a sign
And I'll throw a stick, bring it back
Roll over and die
You taught me a lesson - thanks mom!

Do you understand me
Do you think about me when you're peeing?
Do you really think you're gonna grow
Into a human being?

This dog has seen better days

You're gonna die
How does it feel, Stubb ubb bub bub?

Eat & sleep
Fulfill your only roll
Let your problems seep
Out of your hole


Do you remember
We called you family?
Now you're underground
We call you memory

Memory, memory, memory, memory, memory, memory...


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I am 99% sure you are all wrong... | Reviewer: Jake Erb | 7/4/13

Trevor Dunn, the bassist, said at their perfomance at Club Lingerie in 1991 (I think) that the song was about the guitarist Trey Spruance's dog named Stubb who was alive during the performance but was on his way to dying. Mike Patton Mentioned during the song starting that the dog also had a "wart called gingivitis."

Life is art because it's symbolic... | Reviewer: UberCritic | 12/31/11

Bob, what the hell is your problem? What's up with your rash dichotomy of the real world and art? The existence of institutions, arbitrarily divided countries, and so forth are a kind of art too, for they do not exist outside of people's arbitrary symbols that have no real-world or scientific basis.

Rather, let's look at things in terms of perspective:

I think only math and the empirical sciences (more like the computational and bioinformatic) seem to have any "objectivity" associated with them, and obviously, by themselves, they depict a desaturated world of colorless interactions. We have to give our lives significance with our "arts" because otherwise it'll seem lifeless and computational, like looking at the code of software.

In truth, The Matrix is a retarded movie, for there should be another pill that shows the reality of the virtual. All of phenomenal reality, in truth, is constructed, but I believe math and some of the empirical sciences have revealed a world of complex patterns, flux, and emergence.

Who cares? | Reviewer: Bob | 11/4/11

"How do you know the intented meaning? Do you know the writer? The point of art is for someone to create it in one mind, and for people to view it in a thousand others..."

Man you people that take this shit too deeply are the stupidest fucking people ive ever met. First of all there are a few contradictory things going on in your cheap little mind. 1. If you have to go to school mearly to be trained to see beauty or what you will call it, then it is not beauty or art and you are a pinhead. 2. Being a second hand person, bending over with glee, not having a single original thought, only worshiping others (no matter who they are), having a third rate mind, you will see nothing beautiful or original, only be a 2nd hand clone parroting others or an artists popularity or following. 3. To see something beautiful then put it into words is pointless, but to try to say all this shit about symbolism and sound like an art critic writing a review really drives home the point that someone is lost, 2nd hand, and is just full shit. Total imbecile. If you have a first hand mind you dont even need to talk about how beautiful something is, whether its "art".. it has no significance when its over, and outside of your head. If you give it significance it becomes something different altogether and meaningless. I always feel like im walking with a bunch of these people and very few others when i talk to people into any kind of "art". I hate that word, BTW. Its become butchered, its a stupid word anyways, arts always been artificial bullshit.

thank's mum! | Reviewer: bbuts | 6/24/09

beautifull lyrics, an ode to a dog that is being a dog.

the complexity of the gift and sentence of giving a dog to a child
that is going to die at some point.(thank's mum!!)

and the friction of people who want to humanize their dog and the dog wanting to be human but only as a dog.

I love my dog and for me these lyrics sums up the complex relationship between human and animal.

I don't understand the before mentioned abuse as the writer
of the lyrics clearly really understands the animal he wrote about and being called " family" is clearly stating his thoughts about creature.

Yea | Reviewer: Mic | 4/2/09

"the puppy is the victim" what a stupid thing to say. Read the lyrics with a brain capable of separating your stupid top of mind awareness and the intended meaning of the song.

How do you know the intented meaning? Do you know the writer? The point of art is for someone to create it in one mind, and for people to view it in a thousand others...

Umm emanon is an idiot. | Reviewer: Michael | 3/6/09

The song is not about animal abuse. There is nothing in there that suggests abuse. The bassist wrote this song about the dog he had as a child. He is now looking back at it and sees the dog in an interesting light. The dog was annoying, dirty, and stupid but he probably loved it as a child. It also had gloucoma which accounts for "life stored in your cloudy eye"

I love this song.

"the puppy is the victim" what a stupid thing to say. Read the lyrics with a brain capable of separating your stupid top of mind awareness and the intended meaning of the song.

This is a beautiful ode to dog. I don't like dogs and this sums them up beautifully.

How can you miss it? | Reviewer: emanon | 1/27/08

These lyrics, I guess they aren't official.

Its really about irresponsibility and tragedy, surely repeated over and over across the country and the world. People that are cruel and abusive, and maybe too self centered to see the damage they are doing to innocent creatures. I don't know who is worse, the irresponsible parents of the dog's owner, or the kid. Slight twist, maybe Patton (or someone in the band) had a bad experience and they feel serious guilt about it. This song is like a horror film. And a puppy is the victim.

twisted | Reviewer: L.A | 11/4/07

a boy gets his dog. a boy talks to his dog. a boy buries his dog. such a twisted and hilarious song at the same time. I wonder if mike lost a dog he really valued when he wrote this song. it almost seems like a funny, demented tribute to man's best friend