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Kanye West Stronger Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2012 12:38:45 PM

Work it, make it, do it,
Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!

[played in background, continuously:]
Work it harder, make it better,
do it faster, makes us stronger,
more than ever, never over,
Our work here is never over.

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
'cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
'cause I can't get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on you

I need you right now
I need you right now

Let's get lost tonight
You could be my black Kate Moss tonight
Play secretary, I'm the boss tonight
And you don't give a fuck what they all say right?
Awesome, the Christian and Christian Dior
Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore
I ask 'cause I'm not sure
Do anybody make real shit anymore?
Bow in the presence of greatness
'cause right now thou has forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake shit
So go ahead go nuts go ape shit
Especially in my pastel on my bape shit
Act like you can't tell who made this
New gospel homey, take six, and take this, haters


I need you right now
I need you right now

Me likey

I don't know if you got a man or not,
If you made plans or not
God put me in the plans or not
I'm trippin' this drink got me sayin' a lot
But I know that God put you in front of me

So how the hell could you front on me?
There's a thousand you's, there's only one of me
I'm trippin', I'm caught up in the moment right?
This is Louis Vuitton Don night
So we gonna do everything that Kan like
Heard they'd do anything for a Klondike
Well I'd do anything for a blonde-dike
And she'll do anything for the limelight
And we'll do anything when the time's right
Ugh, baby, you're makin' it (harder, better, faster, stronger)


I need you right now
I need you right now

You know how long I've been on you?
Since Prince was on Apollonia
Since OJ had Isotoners
Don't act like I never told you [x6]
Baby, you're making it (harder, better, faster, stronger)


I need you right now [x4]

You know how long I've been on you?
Since Prince was on Apollonia
Since OJ had Isotoners
Don't act like I never told you
Never told you [x4]

Never over [x8]

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For all u idiots out there | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/12

U guys are all idiots. Bc most of u r saying ppl r "hating" wen there are BARELY any hating comments. If u ask me there r more comments referring to ppl who submitted a comment about hating then there r actual HATING comments. I mean it just goes to show how stupid most of u r. As for Kanye West I didn't read these lyrics what's so ever. I was trying to see wat dyke meant and it referred me to here. I read a few comments and finally someone said wat it meant so Ty to that person even tho they were also part of that group I was just talking about. WASTING UR TIME.

Not bad for working out to | Reviewer: Master Shake | 5/29/12

Well im not really a rap kind of guy but when I recently heard the song I loved the beat. Lyrics are more or less ok. But some verses wants to make me wanna go an extra mile but for me its not really about the lyrics its the beat. The lyrics as I said are ok I guess but nonetheless give me a good beat and some average lyrics and im good to go. I give it a 5 and a half out of 10.

song for export | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/11

"have to be about anything its a chatchy song wit chatcy-easy-to-sing-along-with lyrics,"

Song for export, base of the lyrics understandable with bases of english.
I like those kind of american super prods cause I understand a bit, and the marketing guys really knows that fact.

hidden message | Reviewer: PowderBlue | 8/30/10

You guys don't get it, I see.... This song is not about richness or fame or women. Not at all. He is addressing to a girl, but you have to change "the girl" with... let's say..another being. I wish I'd mistake on this, but obviously I am right.
This song has hidden message.

Powerful beat. Lame lyrics. | Reviewer: Cesar | 8/13/09

Powerful beat. Lame lyrics.
This could have been a new Rocky I song. Powerful, encouraging people to take the best out of themlves.
Rather than trascend through generations, Kanye West made a catchy song about a chap that cant handle to get some pvssy...

ur all joking right? | Reviewer: micaela | 3/6/09

you all need to get over ur selves, like ur all talkin bout his lyrics r soo bad nd how u dnt wanna hear about how he get a bunch of girls nd shit, like dnt u realize that he made this song for dumbass haters just like u? like music is music it dosent have to be about anything its a chatchy song wit chatcy-easy-to-sing-along-with lyrics, soo go on keep hatin cuz u guys have nuttin better to do wit ur lives nd i noe damn well none of can get in the studio nd lay down a track the way he can, hes who he is today cuz hes amazingg when it comes to music, soo go on nd try to talk bout how much u dnt like his music nd try to bring him down cuz guess dont matter, hes a legend nd none of u r gonna change that nd half of u r just jealous, nd hey, nd hey u think his lyrics r arrogant and egotistical nd w.e well maybe they r nd maybe they're not but guess wut, hes makin billions of dollars that u r all not, soo think about that next time u wanna talk about him =P

Stronger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/08

we had this song as our graduating song for 2007... I was against it (I wanted something a little bit more honourable and moving), but I was outvoted.

I dont mind the song, Kayne West is a good rapper, and it is OK; but I would not have used this song for a graduation song

To Anonymous Re: Stronger | Reviewer: Capricorn12 | 9/19/08

I beg to differ with you. How was he being homophobic in the song? The word "dyke" is hardly an anti-gay slur. It describes a woman (usually a lesbian) who dresses in a manly way, often going as far as taping her breasts down. Homophobic implies fear or disgust of homosexuals. So, if he's saying, "I'll do anything for a blond dyke", obviously he's not adverse to gays.
As for his lyrical content, you can't judge a rapper based on one song. Try listening to his other songs, like "Everything I Am", or "Good Morning". I really hate it when anti-rap people read the lyrics to one friggin' song and they're all, "GURR, rap is all about hoes and money". Kanye isn't even about that.

Haters! | Reviewer: segun | 9/8/08

why are you all talking sh**t 'bout mr. west? haters, do you all do well in all aspects of your lives? does any of you has talent not to break someone's heart or hurt someone or have a broken family or relationship, get fired at work, fail in exams and interviews? do you do everything right? if kanye brags about his money and fleet of ladies, then what? what else topic can he sing about if not women, money, sex and ...isn't that what you want to listen and dance to? kanye keep urself tight and let the haters/lawry's watch the money pile up!

Again and again eh? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/08

"Heard they'd do anything for a klondike
Well I'd do anything for a blonde dyke
And she'll do anything for the limelight
And we'll do anything when the time's right
Ugh, baby, you're makin' it (harder, better, faster, stronger)"

"Bow in the presence of greatness
Cause right now thou has forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake shit"

Kanye West...I admit I like the beat of the song, but delving further into it and looking at the lyrics...this is just he lame attempt at blowing up his already large and ridiculuos ego. He is not god's gift from above, he's a rapper...what is he bringing to the world, aside from samples of others songs mixed into his own works and recycled lyrics about how many women he can get?

I don't know if the man has actual talent because all I see from him is the same old stuff every rapper is doing, cars, money, women...Sex and money...His only topic choices...Unless he wants to go off the deep end and bring religion into it or something.

The song is good, or at least the beat is, lyrical content, stupid and offensive, what in the hell is with the dyke comment? Does he have to be homophobic? And yay for another guy deciding women are objects, to be used and then thrown aside! That's just the type of stuff we need more of in this world...Eh I know my comments on here aren't going to change the way things go in the music industry but to all of you who like his stuff...Like it if you want to but's it's fairly shallow, so what does that say about your choices and maybe even, you?

: ) | Reviewer: <3 | 2/16/08

This song has great beat and rythem, it's a great song to dance to. The lyrics on the other hand arn't what i thaught they would be.I LOVE THE BEAT!! For all the dances out there, LIVE LOVE DANCE FOREVER!!

Um, duh. | Reviewer: jayray | 2/5/08

I really don't want to listen to another song about how rich and sexy and famous music idols are. I already know this. What I want to know is how YOU can relate to ME. THAT'S what's going to make me want to listen to your music over and over again. Showing off how many ladies will throw themselves at you for the money and putting your own name into your songs is not making you seem honest and charming in the least. I'm a 16 year old girl and I know this. Grow up; you're adults.

I'm liking the beat, but the lyrics, meh. | Reviewer: liv | 1/30/08

When i first heard this song, just like anybody else i thought it was pretty catchy. unfortunatly the lyrics arn't. Yes I understand Kanye is rich, and has sexy women at his feet, but honestly can't he come up with somthing more meaningful, than the already obvious life of a pop star. Not saying I'm not huge on the song. I just believe celebrities should be able to give more passion to their lyrics.

Good beat. That's about it. | Reviewer: Grayda | 12/10/07

Kanye (or whoever wrote this) did a great job with making Daft Punk sound "phat", but that's all there is to this song. Just a nice beat and perhaps a nice video clip? (I haven't seen it fully yet).

If people can make Daft Punk sound this good, they should do it..

what?? | Reviewer: lotekgirl | 12/4/07

this has got to be a joke...i can't believe so many people are leaving comments about how good and meaningful his lyrics are. i love the beat of the song, but calling these lyrics meaningful is just plain ridiculous; the only thing i can gather from his lyrics is his pretentious arrogance...why doesn't he look beyond himself and start rapping about something more important? The only real great men in this world are the ones who make sacrifices to impact the world in a positive way AND do not brag about thier greatness or expect fame/wealth in return. Kanye, you are not "the shit" and your conceitedness is just plain "shitty."