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Stroke 9 is a San Francisco-based rock band whose career
thus far has followed the indie-rock work ethic to the
letter. They formed in high school, released two albums
themselves, booked their own national tour, and eventually
made so much noise that they got signed.

It's what comes next that will be really interesting: the
band's Cherry/Universal debut album, Nasty Little Thoughts,
is loaded with 3-to-4-minute harmony-loaded pop-rock songs
which are so addictive that stardom seems like a foregone
conclusion. The group is a tight More...

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the best of stroke 9 | Reviewer: marlon
    ------ About the song Next Time performed by Stroke 9

i love this song , it reminds me of my gf , i left her in my homecountry for over a year and everything is torn us apart ...i miss here and this song is great promises is easy to say but its better to say next time

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