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Faith No More Stripsearch Lyrics

Last updated: 04/21/2013 01:41:15 PM

It's over today
The heat is gone, time is gone
F for fake
I feel no wrong, hide no wrong
I love this place, the lights
Under this face, so dry
Only way to change, give yourself away
Don't be ashamed, next in line
Close one eye, just walk by
In these days
I'm breathing stone, crying is done
I'll win this race
I'll leave alone, arrive alone
Love this place, the lights
Under this face, so dry
Stripped to the bone
I did no wrong
Truth is my name
Give yourself away
F for fake [4 times]
Give yourself away [3 times]

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Absolutely Perfect | Reviewer: Chandler | 4/16/13

This is the most perfect song ever made. No matter how many times I listen to it, I never get bored. It's actually the most played song on my iTunes as well, and has been for as long as I can remember. Just amazing.

irresistable bass | Reviewer: HOT POT OF COFFEE! | 7/23/09

atticus x X thats so awesome! stripsearch is second on my most played list just beaten by caralho voador off album of the year. Anywho this song is so.. so...... pulling you in and not leting go, with its fucking smooth ass catchy bass line, until the awesome breakdown at the 1 minute to go mark and u just cant help to yourself whisper "F" for fake. LOVE THIS SONG

fav song | Reviewer: atticus x_X | 12/4/07

this song has been the most played song on my itunes for two years. if you like nineties rock and want something a little off the beaten path buy this cd.