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Red Hot Chili Peppers Strip My Mind Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2014 07:13:15 AM

Arthur J. did indicate
The boulevard will never be
So full of life and love again

Hot as Hades early eighties
Sing another song and make me
Feel like I'm in love again

Please don't strip my mind
Leave something behind
Please don't strip my mind

All in favor sign the waiver
Bloody Carolina won't you
Take another look inside

Operator, co-creator
Come on radiator won't you
Blow another top and sing

Please don't strip my mind
Leave something behind
Please don't strip my mind

El Dorado won the lotto
All that cash and not a clue
But now you know what I've been through

Please don't strip my mind
Leave something behind
Please don't strip my mind
Leave something behind

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08/20/2013 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/13

Some music gets right in there underneath the covers. It gets exactly what you want and what you fear. Cringe worthy at times it makes you feel like you walking with a companion. The RHCP are masters.

FANTASTIC EVERY TIME | Reviewer: Pete | 8/17/11

I forgot about this song and heard it in the Fighter and have listened to it about 30 times in two days. IT IS JUST SIMPLY AMAZING EVERY TIME...from the harmonics in the beginning to the guitar solo it is SHEER GENIUS and only people who truly understand RHCP get this. The last 3 albums with Frusciante have given us CLASSICS that might never be topped....BRILLIANT

Just great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/11

Absolutely love this song. Con said it right, "it haunts you in a good way". That's exactly what it does, and boy did it turn out to be one of the best on the album. Really hope RHCP make another album! They can keep giving us stuff like this, just marvelous!

Awesome | Reviewer: Con | 2/14/09

I love this song! It kind of haunts you in some king of good way. I think the band went to a lot of trouble to make this song so good! But i like the earlier albums like 'Mother's Milk' and 'The Uplift Mofo Party Plan' albims. My fave songs are 'Magic Johnson','Nobody Weird Like Me' and 'Johnny, kick a hole in the sky'.

strip | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/08

wow cool song. the harmonizing just before the chorus, with flea's bass line make my knees weak. i have listened to rhcps for years on the radio and am just now discovering their lesser known songs and i'm blown away...what tremendous talent. awesome.

RHCP rocks | Reviewer: michael | 6/30/08

man this songs rule is 1 of my favorite songs of red hot i cant take out of my head im always singing it
i love the solo is great so like the song is great i hope they keep making songs like this

Awesomely Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

LOVE this song
it's so calm... but it still has so much meaning and passion
it gets stuck in your head, in an eerie kinda way, just like the music...
it's an AWESOME song, just like all of them!
RHCP ROCKS! soooo much

RHCP-RULES!!!! | Reviewer: (=peppersica | 6/26/07

i just...adore..rhcp..i live for them..they are everything to this song is...anyone who loves them too.and this beautiful legend...=)

opinion... | Reviewer: ├ędee | 6/19/07

I adore this track...and also the RHCpempers :)..this song is full of emotion..I can't get out of my mind..thx 4 this song

Great Song! | Reviewer: Marcelo R | 6/19/07

The solo it's just great, and the song it's crazy. Good one!

: ) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

i heart this song!!! it is totally amazing!! rhcp are my favorite band of all time. i love u anthony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brilliant woohoo-wail-along- to- at- top- of- lungs song! | Reviewer: Star-struck | 8/12/06

I love this song. It's one of my favourite out of all the Chilli tracks! The start of the song is the best part for me with all the whoao....giiir bits. They're really cool! I love this song because it sounds quite mournful. The song itself has quite simple techniques but its overall sound haunts you somehow. I think this is one of the best of the Chilli's songs! Have a listen and see if you think the same!