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Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards Streetwise Professor Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2010 12:00:00 PM

Let's go..
From the raggamuffins of Kingston, Jamaica
Paris, France New York city soul takers
Tokyo clubs thousand dollars whores
well I am the volsung from sea to shore

All I know, rock n roll
One more show, here I go
yes I can - understand
well I'm so bad I'm one hell of a man...
well I don't need a lecture
I won't confess so I don't need a preacher
hey girl I just wanna undress ya
cause I am...
the streetwise professor!

Well I run with heatheans crooks and cons
where the blocks are hot I got bullets for some.
I play my guitar until my fingers go numb
draped in bounty hunter well here I come..


Alright this song is for the fucking rancid punx,
the D.M.S. crew, the skunx, the U.S. fucking thugs,
the black hearts, alleyway crew, O.B.H.C, K.O.B,
most hated, rumblers car club, the wolf pack,
soul assassins, zombie wrecking fucking crew,
the transplants.....
it's to all the people who've given me love and support,
and South London, Kingston Jamaica, Atlanta,
New York, LA, all of Orange County, Boston,
Campbell, East Bay, San Francisco, Huntington Beach,
Santa Cruz, Oakland, Sacto, Fresno, Tokyo,
Chicago, and Osaka, the worldwide personified motherfuckers,
to all my real friends.. you know who the fuck you are