Streetlight Manifesto Lyrics

Daniel Ross - Alto/Bari Sax
Tomas Kalnoky - Vocals & Guitar
Jim Conti - Tenor Sax
Josh Ansley - Bass guitar
Jamie Egan - Trombone/Trumpet
Paul Lowdes - Drums

Last year's formation of Streetlight Manifesto was not
unlike the planning of the perfect heist. Six old friends
and seasoned veterans of the once lively New Jersey Ska
underworld came together again to form an all-star group, a
literal "dream team" of characters. All six original
members came form the two biggest and most promising local
ska/punk bands of the late More...

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Review about Streetlight Manifesto songs
Great song. | Reviewer: Shelton Charles
    ------ About the song What A Wicked Gang Are We performed by Streetlight Manifesto

Love streetlight. Listined to this all through high school here in Texas. I first heard them back in 2009 and rediscovered them by chance 2 years later because I remembered the words "we will fall"

Optimism | Reviewer: Top Doge
    ------ About the song We Are The Few performed by Streetlight Manifesto

I gotta agree about the optimism. That's one of my favorite parts of Streetlight's work, although the lyrics tend to be morbid, there's no "life sucks everything is hopeless" attitude, even really dark songs like Would You Be Impressed or As The Footsteps Die Out Forever end with a hopeful tone (The narrator takes responsibility for the problems he's caused, the mother tells her children to live their life and enjoy even without her). Tomas is a rebel WITH a cause, and he knows it.

Draw your bath | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song A Better Place, A Better Time performed by Streetlight Manifesto

Might not be 100%, but I'm pretty sure that Tomas men by "draw your bath" is by committing suicide by dropping a toaster/hair dryer/etc. in the bath to electrocute oneself. That's a common way to kill oneself.

Inspired by the best | Reviewer: Roland
    ------ About the song We Are The Few performed by Streetlight Manifesto

I'm 21 and since third grade I've been huge into punk and ska music. I'm also a writer and as a writer and a musician, you search or at least I search for music with a deep meaning and passion. And with streetlight you get that not one of Tomas's songs lacks meaning his words are powerful and although a lot of my friends find him to be a pessimist I believe that he is an optimist listen to better time better place you can just hear his passion for life and how he's against suicide which in an era where "emo" is considered music and cutting your wrists and writing about suicide is cool but its not life is to cherish not to wish away and I personally believe that the radio should be banned get rid of radio pop garbage and outlaw emo music and force kids to actually sit down and listen to music that has a greater meaning for life and actually find out who they are instead of trying to be like everyone else with that being said I would also like to mention streetlight is on of my favorite bands along with other great acts such as big d and the kids table, citizen fish, reel big fish, fuck ill even throw down sublime either way ska and punk music will forever hold a place in my heart because its guys just like me writing how they truly feel about every subject in the world too not just love and loss

bathe and hunt | Reviewer: kali
    ------ About the song A Better Place, A Better Time performed by Streetlight Manifesto

term draw your bath load your gun is suicide in general. A very common way is to shoot ones self in the tub.

Now he will be there for her no matter what by drawing her a bath (maybe suicidally) but he hopes she does what guns and bath tubs are commonly used for. Bathing and hunting. :)

Hot damn | Reviewer: B
    ------ About the song Kristina She Don't Know I Exist performed by Streetlight Manifesto

Well, I kinda have the same feeling with this one. My girl friend is named Christina (go figure) and she never really tries to connect with me. She sticks around for sex and the fact that I keep trying like a jackass. It's frustrating, and then she feels the need to blame me for her own stupid acts, like seperating herself from her friends, not knowing what to talk about, and overall being a psychotic bitch. I don't whether or not to give up or not....

Haunting and Beautiful | Reviewer: Ace
    ------ About the song A Moment Of Silence performed by Streetlight Manifesto

It took me a while to get into this band because I usually listen to metal, but this song has me absolutely sold. Lyrics are gold, I can't stop thinking about it and have listened to it way too many times today. It is time to cut myself off for the night before I over do it.

Bathin Hun | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Better Place, A Better Time performed by Streetlight Manifesto

Guys, the lyrics don't say bathe and hunt, they say bathin Hun. It goes: "I'll draw your bath and I'll load your gun, but I hope so bad that you're bathin' hun." It implies that instead of using the gun to kill herself, he wants Annie to take the bath.

review | Reviewer: dylan
    ------ About the song One Foot On The Gas, One Foot In The Grave performed by Streetlight Manifesto

Come on guys don't be so arrogant this song is about pollution, relationships and the hunger games if thats how you relate to it every word should be taken as a metaphor and how ever your brain makes a connection inspires the emotions you feel and that's the beauty of music we can all agree streetlight is a great band !!

Dude, They LOVE their fans | Reviewer: allyr
    ------ About the song The Big Sleep performed by Streetlight Manifesto

I saw streetlight as a punka$$ little 16 year old. I was laughing with tomas after the show, saying that he put on such a good performance, I wasn't even mad i lost my favorite hat in the mosh pit.. He gave me a brand new hat off the merch table!! You don't do that kind of thing if you hate your fans, and i'm pretty sure if he liked my lamea$$ 16yo self, he likes 95% of his fans lmao.
ps BEST lyrics known to man!!! thank you tomas, you have stopped me from pulling the trigger more times than i care to admit <3333

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