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Billy Joel Streetlife Serenader Lyrics

Last updated: 01/23/2010 10:00:00 AM

Streetlife Serenader
Never sang on stages
Needs no orchestration
Melody comes easy

Midnight Masquerader
Shoppin' center hero
Child of Eisenhower
New world celebrator

Streetlife Serenaders
Have such understanding
How the words are spoken
How to make emotions

Streetlife Serenaders
Have no obligations
Hold no grand illusions
Need no stimulation

Midnight Masqueraders
Workin' hard for wages
Need no vast arrangements
To do their harmonizing

Thanks to James Munroe for submitting Streetlife Serenader Lyrics.

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Billy Joel! | Reviewer: Narumi | 1/21/10

Leone, depending on your age, you're wrong. I've been a Billy Joel fan since, well, I was old enough to be a fan of anything and I'm 15 now. I love him, and I love discovering gems like these! This is a great song!

Anyone gotta lighter? | Reviewer: Leone | 12/3/07

Not one of Billy Joel's more interesting songs, melodically, but still one of my all-time favorites! I am probably one of the only people my age that really love Billy Joel. Piano Man Forever!