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Stratovarius was founded in 1984 by three guys from
Helsinki, Finland; drummer and vocalist Tuomo Lassila, bass
player John Viherva and guitarist Staffan Strahlman. Before
Stratovarius the same line up performed under name Black

The music of early Stratovarius was very different from
what it is today. Back then it was heavily influenced by
Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. Guitar player Staffan
brought in some classical elements. Bass player John left
the band by the end of 1984 and was replaced by Jyrki
Lentonen, who More...

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Review about Stratovarius songs
Finland - The land of Ice, Snow and Metal. | Reviewer: Polaris
    ------ About the song The Land Of Ice And Snow performed by Stratovarius

Of course the song is about Finland, Stratovarius' home country.

"Koskenkorva", is a popular Finnish brand of Vodka.

The lines - "we didn't bow under oppression, we fought and we died...." - are actually refering to the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939-40 (also known as the "Winter War"). Soviet Union was trying to invade "tiny" Finland, but in fact the Russians had a lot more damages and deaths than the Finns. Finally, the Soviets failed to occupy Finland and gave up.

As always | Reviewer: Zamir Traumatizer
    ------ About the song If The Story Is Over performed by Stratovarius

This is what i call typical stratomellowvarius everytime that they made in their albums but theres no guitar melody intro since their ballad always had guitar melody part to opening song. But still another solid job by jens and kotipelto. There would be no stratovarius without both of them. As always, cheers !

i remembers her when ever i hear this song | Reviewer: shinichi watanabe
    ------ About the song Liberty performed by Stratovarius

This......i feel like crying.....
This song really reminds me of someone..i dont know why???
I really love her......may be i always did.....i am hearing this song now...
Please turn back.....y**e

Sheer symphony | Reviewer: Traveller through the Universe
    ------ About the song Luminous performed by Stratovarius

This melody is simply extraordinary! To my ears and heart it is a delight and a great comfort. It eases the hesitation and confusion one is often tackling with and lowers the costs of damage that reaches us now and then. I believe it is the hymn of a traveller who has lost his way and wishes to regain a sense of orientation so as to attain purpose within harmony. Compared to astral bodies, each individual's substance intertwines with a pure invitation of angelic nature to drive our existence through the shapeshifting aspects of time. All is unitary, luminous and living a mark upon the "cosmic play", it shares its experience with every actor partaking to it. Hear it calling...

Infinity rocks! | Reviewer: ernobius
    ------ About the song Infinity performed by Stratovarius

Definitely one of the best songs from Stratovarius.
I think that the lyrics have one mistake though, at "It's time to spread the world around" I think that Timo Kotipelto sang: "It's time to spread the word around"

Infinity RAGE! | Reviewer: Unknown
    ------ About the song Infinity performed by Stratovarius

Been listening to stratovarius for about 6 years now, And this is by far my favorite song by'em, The opening and instrumental in general are amazing. add deep meaningful lyrics and you got one hell of a song. Long live stratovarius!

5 stars.

Nice one from a nice band | Reviewer: DJ Blaze
    ------ About the song Deep Unknown performed by Stratovarius

Wow, I'm the first to review this? :O

Anyways, epic song that is somehow both uplifting ("As you go far beyond imaginary borderlines", "Time passes by, you can not fail") and somewhat disturbing ("Need to breathe, might drown, you can't inhale"). Polaris is an incredible album, much better than their self-titled, repetitive flop from earlier in the 2000s.

Love | Reviewer: Teme
    ------ About the song What Can I Say performed by Stratovarius

This song also tells about the strength of love.. real love will never break.. and this song tells about the loneliness witch goes away when a man or woman meet their love of their life. As i felt when i met my girlfriend.. she wiped away all the sorrow, and i wiped away her sorrow. by listening to her feelings, i made our relationship, and this song is our song n_n

=) | Reviewer: Asa Takätälvi
    ------ About the song Hunting High And Low performed by Stratovarius

Yup. Life is a journey. And in life you only get on chance, and you better use it well.

This song has helped me over the past two years with recovering from severe clinical depression, along with many other Stratovarius and Power Metal songs.

Ever day can be something new for us, we just have to hunt high and low for it. And keep hoping.

=) | Reviewer: Asa Takätälvi
    ------ About the song Out Of The Shadows performed by Stratovarius

Such an amazing song. This song gave me hope and made me smile when I needed it, just like many other Stratovarius song. And many other power metal bands. That genre itself was a huge help in my life. =) Thank you Stratovarius

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