Strata Lyrics

This is an intensely artistic, fiercely independent band of
This is a tightly bound circle of musicians caught in a
crazy and intriguing love affaire with self exploration...
This is an experience which exceeds today's common
boundaries of musical and emotional expression...
This is a group which not only feverishly self-releases its
own critically acclaimed recordings and tours relentlessly,
but recognizes that developing and nurturing deeply
personal relationships with fans is the completion of a
fulfilling and essential More...

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Reviews about Strata songs

Wow | Reviewer: Katlin
    ------ About the song When It's All Burning performed by Strata

This is ana amazing song the words seem so deep and the band is very well spoken

I love them

Great Song...Great Band | Reviewer: Maddy
    ------ About the song Cocaine (We're All Going To Hell) performed by Strata

This Song is great, it first brought me to like Strata...their lyricist is a genius, Eric Victorino.

amazing | Reviewer: Meghan
    ------ About the song Cocaine (We're All Going To Hell) performed by Strata

this song simply rocks. its one of the best songs ive ever heard..enough said.

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