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Young Scooter Straight Been Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2014 07:40:02 AM


When niggers see the light,
They leave you in the dark.
The shit ain't going right,
Who can you call on?
A couple of years ago,
I sleeping in the dark.
Now I got the village
In my front yard.

Everybody straight,
Everybody straight,
My whole hood straight
All my niggers straight,
All my blood straight
My whole family straight.

Don't let me go game,
That's the blueprint,
Ride 'till that Jay-Z,
The blue crib.
I can't knock my hustle,
Drop Caesar put the streets on curfew.
1017, that's my way in.
Free ..., Scooter work some more men.
Had to take that now,
Fuck that up, next shit.
I remix them every second,
Every minute.
I can't set a dough clean,
I gotta stretch in
What's your future name,
I'll shoot you through your necklace.
Got your flocker in your hood, we wreck it.
Got them tickets,
The tickets mean finessing.


I wasn't straight, in 2008,
I was jammed up, come back from my case.
Come back for estate,
Couldn't even leave the state.
I had no place to stay,
But now I'm super straight.
Now I style Rollings,
And line them at the gates.
Got a million dollar Taurus with no license plate.
No more paper plates, my kids eat off gold plates.
No more rain and noodles, all I wanna eat is stake.
I track a lot of haters, 'cause I'm flexing everyday.
Grind harder, having flashbacks of my broke days.
Plus, I kept my mouth closed when the folks came.
Never fall on my niggers, take it to my grave.