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Dragonforce Storming The Burning Fields Lyrics

Last updated: 05/24/2011 11:00:00 AM

Bursting through the fires avenging
Fatal warning battles are raging
Power of darkness rise for the fight
We'll be strong and stand our ground

Death is all around us and my heart is beating weaker
Fight the day with power of immortal souls arise
Fire in our hearts the evil rages on forever more
Burning until the battle rage is gone

Through damnation we rise sign of the times master of bleeding eyes
Thunder and high look to the sky you never gonna take us down!

And we will cross the evil standing on the temple in the fire storming
Fly beyond the lost horizons high
Heroes of the night are calling
See the promised land is falling
Reaching for the powers deep inside
On through the night

Blinded by the hate and desire
Burning in your heart like a fire
Challenging all the suffer and fear our horizons take control
Blood spills all around us and our enemies draw nearer
Sacrifice your life to have them carry you away
Take us to the place of death and carry on forever more
Burning on the dreams of memories long gone!

And you'll die for your crimes sign of the times master of endless lies
Fight to the end now we ascend together we will take them down


[Instrumental Bridge]

[Solos: Herman/Sam/Herman/Sam]


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... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/11

DragonForce is one of the best power metal bands around who are redefining the genre, hopefully with their efforts, and efforts of other metal leaders, rock and metal can recover and survive the damage that the rap industry has caused to music

Dragonforce rules!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/11

i have followed dragonforce for eva since there start.. all my friends tell me they suck and that they are all loosers... But take one look at herman shredding or daves drums and try and tell me that there a regular band... There is no band out there that has the passionate lyrics like dragonforce and defintly no1 that can make them sound so well fitting...

Dragonforce pones all other band

:D | Reviewer: Dragonforcefannumber1 | 11/12/10

Dragonforce is THE best band in the world. Ever since i heard through the fire and the flames i got inspired by them. I dont let a minute pass without listening 2 Dragonforce.In fact i'm listening 2 them right now lol. This song is my 2nd favorite song, the 1st 1 is The Last Journey Home. Dragonforce has a really good rythm, that's why i admire them but it's 2 bad that ZP left. :(

dragonforce owns all other bands | Reviewer: LastStar007 | 11/3/09

Ever since I heard Through the Fire and Flames, I have listened to pure Dragonforce. My friends keep telling me they suck and copy from Journey and Slayer, but nobody can play the same way as Dragonforce. They also can play faster, heavier, and more meaningful songs than my friends' bands, like Korn and Panterra.

DRAGONFORCE IS TEH AWESOMENESS! | Reviewer: Kai de Guzman | 6/4/09

Eversince I played "Through the Fire and the Flames" in GH 3, I have been listening to Dragonforce again and again! I love their songs; great drums, awesome guitar solos, cool keyboarding, and inspirational singing! TRULY ONE OF THE GREATEST BANDS EVER!

The bebop of rock. | Reviewer: uberschveinen | 9/25/08

Even if they had no musical merit, Dragonforce would deserve credit for trying to do something new with rock, a genre that has become somewhat stagnant of late. Thier methods of combining good musicality with extremely fast and technical playing are extremely impressive and could well bring about significant changes in metal music, in much the same way that bebop revolutionised jazz music.

They also deserve credit for making incredibly manly music. There's just something about their better songs that makes you want to drink a crate of beer, headbutt through a brick wall, and then fight a legion of ninja barehanded.

Storming through the burning fields is one of my personal favourites. I feel it has one of the best overall sounds of their work.

Nice but hard as hell | Reviewer: Dylan | 6/30/08

me and my friends got together and tried to play this song.
as you can guess we must be pretty damn good, but it took like two months to actually get it... and we had tons of mistakes lol
even the singing is hard!
and after we managed to play it our drummer was sore for a couple days...
great song and a triumph to play it though.

Before Dragonforce... | Reviewer: Travis M. Rideout | 1/6/08

Hey everybody, just wanted to drop a line to support the best band i ever heard and to agree with the above people and their comments. Man, before dragonforce i used to listen to bands such as danzig metallica and megadeth. Since playing guitar hero 3 and hearing ''through the fire and flames'' Dragonforce is all i listen to. Its power metal in its rawest form and you can still understand the lyrics.I Heard only a few of their song and loved every one of them. I normally don't buy cds but one day i went out and bought all three albums and listen to them all the time. Keep on rockin out everybody, DRAGONFOCE RULES!!!!
Die hard fan,
Travis Rideout

pure awesomosity at its max. | Reviewer: Mr. Sunny Patch | 12/29/07

From the first time I heard Through the Fire and the Flames, I was addicted to Dragon Force. I have their album Inhuman Rampage on my Zune so that I can hear their glorious melodies in perfect harmony wherever I go and whenever I want. They never leave my side. Ever.

Inspirational stuff | Reviewer: Joe | 12/22/07

As Lust said, no words can describe Dragonforce. They are so incredibly fast and yet loud that it is hard to believe their music is even possible. I love them so much! They're lyrics really are so inspirational and deeply meaningful, and think of the thought that must have gone into them! Every band member must be one the fastest at their instruments in the world - they are INSANE!

Dragonforce for life. Rock on dudes.