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James Lynn Strait Stoopid Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2001 08:21:39 PM

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Spray the masses with gunfire
Foreign pigs want to live in fear
They never learn
Light the match & flames burn higher
I need to exterminate the queers,
My stomach turns, would not heed your worthless cries
Strike with fear, no, I won't wait
Your misery, stick your fingers in my eyes
Just like somebody blind by hate
They cannot see
Prompted by my own self-doubt
I need to hate them because they're strange
They never learn
I have plucked my own eyes out
I live a life that's ruled by rage
My stomach turns, powered by elders lies
Strike with fear' cause I won't change your misery
Stick your fingers in my eyes
Just like somebody blind by hate
No they cannot see


If you'd open your eyes then
Maybe you could see a figment of closed minds
You know education is the key
Hate sparks will create fire
Why can't you let them be?
I see you're STOOPID blind & I know you cannot see


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