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It all began in 1986 when a young Scott Weiland had met a
Robert DeLeo at one of the last Black Flag concerts in
California. They became friends and soon began to make
music with each other. At first, they made fake commercials
in Robert's studio, but then they became serious and made
original songs. Soon after, they formed their 2 man group
band: Swing.
But having a singer who couldn't play the guitar very well
and a bassist wasn't enough.

They decided they needed a drummer and started their hunt
for one. One day, they walked in on More...

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Review about Stone Temple Pilots songs
underlying meaning and its sound | Reviewer: ken
    ------ About the song Unglued performed by Stone Temple Pilots

a song that is entirely about masturbation..... Only STP could pull that off and still make it sound badass. Without a doubt one of the most under-rated STP songs out there lyrics aside

Just... | Reviewer: Marco
    ------ About the song Dead & Bloated performed by Stone Temple Pilots

What a great song!! im from Brazil, and here are no different of USA, the songs are sucking!I Miss the 90s, what poor generation that are we living in! Kudos to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing,Doors, STP, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Mettalica, Guns, Silverchair, NIN, Primus, Pixies, and a lot of other good bands that im forgeting now!

Murder Lyrics | Reviewer: Pam
    ------ About the song Plush performed by Stone Temple Pilots

My son too explained he thinks the song is about a Murder. Maybe she cheated, maybe he was just obessed with her. But yea the dog begin to smell her and find her is about the police dogs finding the body in the yard and if you were buried outside, it would indeed rain in your bedroom lol

STP for ever! | Reviewer: Fede
    ------ About the song Big Bang Baby performed by Stone Temple Pilots

For me, this song is about a man who had a girlfriend but she let him and got married with another man. So, the singer has a photo of that wedding and cannot get the girl out of his head. One part of the man can't do it, and the other part wants to do it ("So turn it up and burn it, there's a hole in your head" -- "It's just a burning aching memory... I never kissed and tell [He never kissed and said "I do", so he never get married.]")

Of course there're slut shaming comments on this. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sex Type Thing performed by Stone Temple Pilots

"It's an awesome song that expresses what we males feel and thing for the most part. Something the opposite gender (most of the prudes) need to hear and come to terms with, and stop being so scared of sexuality!!! ...or they need to stop showing it off so hard."

Well isn't that terrifying, boys and girls.
*dances off into sunset pretending fucks like that don't actually exist*

Trippin on a stone heart pilot | Reviewer: Laura
    ------ About the song Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart performed by Stone Temple Pilots

I love this song, it is just so amazing. The lyrics are raw and you can really feel the emotion in the song from the way it's sung. I love STP, they are one of the greatest modern day rock bands

Lyrics and meaning | Reviewer: Mason
    ------ About the song Lady Picture Show performed by Stone Temple Pilots

I think Sam is right on about the meaning being about a girl in the porn industry. I noticed a few mistakes in the lyrics on here but most have been clarified. I believe that he does say "let them bleed". One small mistake I noticed that has not been addressed is in the second verse when it say's "just say no" it is really "just said no" I know it is a really small mistake but I thought I would point it out!

very awesome | Reviewer: Brent
    ------ About the song Dead & Bloated performed by Stone Temple Pilots

I agree with Andrea 100% im sick of them R&B/hiphop bands that just repeat themselves over and over throughout the whole song...and their beats are ALWAYS the same thing throughtout the song...come on change the damn beat and change your lyrics...stop repeating yourself...fuckin sound like my stupid whiney bitch aunt that just repeats herself to everyone when she is mad and don't get her way or someone UPS her on shit...and she is fucking 38 years old :/ (referring her to all them stupid R&B bands) but yeahhh lets bring back the rock alternative bands...they get more credit cause they actually USE real intruments!

meaning of song | Reviewer: sam
    ------ About the song Lady Picture Show performed by Stone Temple Pilots

well since nobody wants to approach the meaning of this song, guess my will have to suffice. 'lady picture girl' is some chick getting in the porn industry and the 'chrous' is just just a reiteration of that fact. essentially that to men a porn video is just with chicks who are a lady picture show to us.

another update | Reviewer: Seth Fredrick Allen
    ------ About the song Lady Picture Show performed by Stone Temple Pilots

I was listening to the song some more and i think he does say "let them bleed" thats what i used to think he said before but that video said other wise but im pretty sure its messed up. and also i think they say "bedroom door" first line then "bedroom wall" on the second. Sorry for the mix up but that should be it then. You can update it if you want.

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