Stone Temple Pilots Albums

  • High Rise Album (10/8/2013)
    Out Of Time
    Black Heart
    Same On The Inside
    Cry Cry

  • Stone Temple Pilots Album (5/21/2010)
    Between The Lines
    Take A Load Off
    Huckleberry Crumble
    Hickory Dichotomy
    Dare If You Dare
    Hazy Daze
    Fast As I Can
    First Kiss On Mars

  • Thank You Album (11/11/2003)
    All In The Suit That You Wear
    Big Bang Baby
    Big Empty
    Days of the Week
    Interstate Love Song
    Lady Picture Show
    Plush (Acoustic)
    Sex Type Thing
    Sour Girl
    Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart
    Wicked Garden

  • Shangri-La Dee Da Album (6/19/2001)
    Dumb Love
    Days Of The Week
    Hollywood Bitch
    Black Again
    Hello It's Late
    Too Cool Queenie
    Bi-Polar Bear
    Transmissions From A Lonely Room
    A Song For Sleeping
    Long Way Home

  • No. 4 Album (10/26/1999)
  • Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop Album (3/26/1996)
  • Purple Album (5/31/1994)
  • Core Album (9/29/1992)

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    Reviews about Stone Temple Pilots albums

    stp still rockin | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Core performed by Stone Temple Pilots

    What can u say about this album. They were amazing from the first lyric and bass riff to the last hit of the drum. They took music at the time to a different level. When nirvana and pearl jam were rockin the airways. Nobody could pull off what these guys did. with as little air play as stp got, they were still able to move themselves to a completely different plane then the rest. Even with all the UPS and downs that have happened along the way. They still rock. After all these years. I'm still listening and now my oldest son loves them too. I like where they have been and where they are going. Keep rockin.

    never ageing melodies | Reviewer: ron
        ------ About the album Purple performed by Stone Temple Pilots

    i hadent listened to this album since the late 90s, having lost or had it stolen from my collection. Can't take it off replay, forgot how good it was. Interstate love song still gives me goose bumps, just love how soft it is then kicks you in the balls. Converted some of my mates who had never heard it, can't wait to see them live a dream come true.

    The perfect album for its time | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Core performed by Stone Temple Pilots

    Anyone who grew up in this generation knows... There were few bands that really hit the mood that fit the ways of the rock world trying desperately to escape the glam rock B.S. in the industry of the time. STP was one of the best self defeatist, self loathing, yet still make you wanna scream back at society, bands to make into mainstream suburbia. The youth had someone to relate to for the first time in many hairspray filled years. The dynamics of the band were light years from the lipstick and leather crap calling its self rock. The use of off timed phrasing, harmonies unlike anything the previous years had to offer, set the tone for most of today's darker, angst filled rock machines making there point today. Hat's off to the genius that is Stone Temple Pilots.

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