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Stone Temple Pilots Biography

Last updated: 05/31/2012 12:00:00 PM

It all began in 1986 when a young Scott Weiland had met a Robert DeLeo at one of the last Black Flag concerts in California. They became friends and soon began to make music with each other. At first, they made fake commercials in Robert's studio, but then they became serious and made original songs. Soon after, they formed their 2 man group band: Swing.
But having a singer who couldn't play the guitar very well and a bassist wasn't enough.

They decided they needed a drummer and started their hunt for one. One day, they walked in on a band in a bar. The drummer was, to say the least, an enthusiastic drummer. In other words, he drummed so loud, it was hard to hear the lead singer singing. The two band members were esctatic and decided to ask him to be a part of their 2 man band. Eric Kretz decided to give it a try and became the 3rd member or Swing.

They still weren't satisfied. They needed a lead guitarist. Having only a bass wouldn't cut it. Robert knew of a great guitarist and called his brother Dean back in New Jersey. Robert agreed to help and moved out to California.

They soon changed their name from Swing to Mighty Joe Young, and signed on with Atlantic Records on April Fool's day, 1992.

But there was a problem with their name. Mighty Joe Young was already taken, so they had to change their name yet again. Neither band member could think of a name.

Then one day, the group was sitting around talking about stickers. The STP logo on Scott's bike was mentioned and they decided to make a name from that. The Stone Temple Pilots were born and their first record Core was released on September 29, 1992.