Stone Sour Lyrics

As intoxicating as the libation it was named after (1 part
whiskey and a splash of orange juice and sour mix), Stone
Sour is a Molotov cocktail of an album - 1 part pure rock
adrenaline with a splash of melody. “We are melodic
hard-rock with content and initiative,” explains Stone Sour
vocalist Corey Taylor. “Stone Sour allows me to execute the
writing style that I love and can't necessarily do with
Slipknot.” While still embracing the heaviness true to the
fundamentals of Taylor and Root's other band, Stone Sour
offers a more More...

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Review about Stone Sour songs
At the right moment! | Reviewer: Tonya
    ------ About the song Through Glass performed by Stone Sour

This song 1st played (I heard for 1st time) right after I was sentenced to a 6 year prison term. My soul mate,true love, best friend Ive ever known & kindest man I am so lucky to have in my life for past 7 years,then was leaving the courtroom with tears in his eyes as I watched from the transport bus in handcuffs wondering when I would be able to be in his arms again. Through The Glass came over local radio station & hit me like a ton of bricks! Describes how painful it was going to be looking at him through the glass for the next 6 yrs! Still,even after Im home now (good behavior) when I hear this song I think how lucky I am to NOT be looking "Through The Glass" at my now husband of 14 years & ALWAYS burst into tears! Perfect, timing couldnt have been better song for that time of our lives, thank you Stone Sour,thank you!!

nice | Reviewer: HavocDeath666
    ------ About the song Anna performed by Stone Sour

youhave the lyrics almost spot on but you missed when he repeatsthe lyrics twice and the random mummberling othere than that it is a grate song that i love to lissin to so nice job

A soldier's struggle | Reviewer: C Sib
    ------ About the song Zzyzx Rd. performed by Stone Sour

I'm not in the military and I've never struggled with drugs or alcohol. I think you should take it the way you need it to be. In my opinion, it feels like a soldier in a very bad and dismal place. Questioning why and what their mission is. I think you start off inspired and full of piss and vinegar but when you witness your friends killed or human suffering or are injured physically and or mentally yourself, it takes a major toll. We take that sacrifice for granted and I think Stone Sour is helping put it into perspective. Thank you for such a heartfelt and touching song. God Bless our men and women in the armed forces.

b | Reviewer: helen
    ------ About the song Through Glass performed by Stone Sour

Its an amazing song.i didin t ue to like rock actually i hated it . I thought the only thing that rock does is screaming. Thanks to my teacher i heard this sonh and i was very surprised to hear that this song considers rock. Now i tjink that rock song have a meaning. Not at all like pop which just say yeah man!!

Song meanings | Reviewer: RLW
    ------ About the song Sillyworld performed by Stone Sour

Just so anyone reading these comments knows, songs can have any meanings. Sure the writer/artists may have their own meaning to it but most of the time it's about whatever meaning you see in it. Everyone has their own opinions. Believe what you wish and don't take anyone else's word for the complete truth.

Painfull to hear | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bother performed by Stone Sour

This song hits me in a spot, cause it reminds me of the terrible neglectful and sexually abusive childhood, of someone I love a lot. When the past haunts her with awful feelings, she says that she just wishes she was dead("Wish I was too dead to cry"). She lost her faith, and now questions and blames god for her suffering("Stones to throw at my creator"). Her rebellion was futile, and in the end, she was forcefully programmed to believe that she was horrible("Never had a voice to protest, So you fed me shit to digest"). Her peers at school picked up on her damaged will, and became abusive to her too. And in turn, she attempted suicide once("My flaws are open season, For this, I gave up trying, One good turn deserves my dying"). Again, how she wishes she had died, and how it seems that all that shows through of her personality is the ugliness and her cold side("Wish I'd died instead of lived, A zombie hides my face"). Underneath all that, the innocent child she once was, has been forgotten, even by herself.("Shell forgotten, with its memories")
The last part expresses how hopeless she feels of ever being healed, and how if she holds on to life, how the deception of those she should have been able to trust, well seemingly haunt her forever("You don't need to bother; I don't need to be; I'll keep slipping farther; But once I hold on, I'll never live down my deceit").

Corey Taylor kicks ass | Reviewer: Maggot90
    ------ About the song Bother performed by Stone Sour

I will admit, i am a huge metal head. I have been a maggot since i first heard slipknot (r.i.p Paul). However, corey kicks serious ass in this song. It is amazing to see how he can go i am hated to this. He is so talented. This song really hits me. It reminds me of my long time ex fiance. I will always love her. Thank your corey and stone sour for pouring your hearts into songs like this. You all are awesome. Keep it up.

Corey | Reviewer: Rich T
    ------ About the song Bother performed by Stone Sour

i'm sorry guys, but it cracks me up when people compare slipknot corey and stone sour corey saying that this song is him grown up and early slipknot is him young and angry, this song was before he was with slipknot, lmfao

All said.... | Reviewer: Shannon
    ------ About the song Through Glass performed by Stone Sour

I am so connected and hooked to this song it speaks on my half...I love this song...AMAZING

Road sign... | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Zzyzx Rd. performed by Stone Sour

Although I don't know the official meaning of the song, what I can tell you is there is a road near Baker Ca with the same name, road sign and everything. The name was a made up name claiming it to be the last word in the english language. Check out Wikipedia.

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