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Ian Brown and John Squire met aged four in a local sandpit,
however this was to be the first of many encounters since
they lived on opposite sides of the street from one another
on Sylvan Avenue in Sale, Greater Manchester. Despite
attending different primary schools the two met up in
Secondary School to form a friendship through a mutual love
of punk. Something of a loner, Squire was the quieter and
more self-contained of the two, while Brown was the 'lad
about town' and this polarisation of personalities was to
from the basis of More...

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Review about Stone Roses songs
bbe | Reviewer: jase fox
    ------ About the song Where Angels Play performed by Stone Roses

I agree with the 1st review and i make sure i hear this amazing song at least once everyday of my life and always will as it is utter brilliance from the best band that ever was and ever will be

Beauty in verse | Reviewer: Andy Moore
    ------ About the song Where Angels Play performed by Stone Roses

This song shows the stone roses at their best, the words are perfection, squires guitar is sweeter than milk and honey, even after the thousands of times I have heard this song it only gets better, it's beauty can have me almost in tears at anytime of the day, why this was never released as an A-side god only knows, utter brilliance....

The time has come............. | Reviewer: The Garage Flower
    ------ About the song Shoot You Down performed by Stone Roses

Quite possibly the best song to capture the mood at the time of it's release.

There are better songs, well, more popular songs on this album, however, this songs oozes with swagger. It almost smells of the bucket hats, joe bloggs jeans and paisley pattern shirts the listeners were decked in. Any budding guitarist out there wanting to learn how to play their instrument will do themselves a massive favour if they sat down, listened and tried to learn the guitar parts of John Squire in this song. I speak from experience.

Along with Bye Bye Badman, this song is completely under rated. It's like the Andreas Iniesta of the song world, meaning that it would be the best song on any other album you could mention from that era, in the same way Iniesta would be the player in any other team other than Barcelona FC. thus making Messi and Neymar akin to I Wanna Be Adored and I am the Resurrection respectively.

So, in conclusion, you should be listening to this song (and album) on a daily basis. If you are not, then you are missing out and missing the point. The fact that you are probably wasting your precious time on god's green earth listening to 'the Mumfords' instead, makes me feel that little bit sick and desolate.

Second to none | Reviewer: Andy moore
    ------ About the song I Am The Resurrection performed by Stone Roses

Words cannot describe how incredible this song is, it is absolutely perfect in every way, if I had to hear a song again and again until the day I die then this would be the song, I would never grow wearisome of its energy and beauty and I would die a happy man, no track has ever come close to how this song makes me feel, it is above any other track I've ever heard I absolutely fuvking love it like I love nothing else.

The roses | Reviewer: Matthew Paul Boulton
    ------ About the song She Bangs The Drums performed by Stone Roses

great tune, uplifting. The roses are a great band with a mediocre singer
in Ian Brown, that said the roses wouldnt be the same without him
Best rythmn section around reni is brilliant!

Always loved it | Reviewer: April
    ------ About the song She Bangs The Drums performed by Stone Roses

I've loved this song since my dad used to play it in the kitchen when I was a little kid. One of my favourite songs ever since. I love the Stone Roses. This song cheers me up, don't know why.

Awesome Tune but can anyone say Jimmi... | Reviewer: Mel
    ------ About the song Love Spreads performed by Stone Roses

Dig this song loads, always heard it on the radio never new who sang it till my boyfriend used it as his ringtone...bit of a Jimmi rip off in the riff, but the Lyrics are fantastic not entirely sure if i agree with the black woman being raped metaphor...its too easy an assumption...i think the bit about depicting christ,Messiah and one person one look might be a bit more spot on. Although my favourite interpretation is a shout out to black music and the respect it deserves.

it's an image | Reviewer: urs
    ------ About the song Love Spreads performed by Stone Roses

This song is linked with 'Daybreak', also on 'The Second Coming'.
The two songs share the image of black music (personified as a black woman) being abused by the music establishment in Manchester, which is famous for its output of white male bands.
'Daybreak' depicts black music as a whore being exploited and 'Love Spreads' depicts the crucifixion (Christ-like) of a black woman in the rain (meaning 'in manchester', the rainy city.)
In 'Daybreak' the Roses ask - 'why no black on a radio station in this city?'
The Roses are acknowledging their debt to black music and admitting that they have also exploited it but now they recognise its value... 'I have a dream' (Martin Luther King) 'I've seen the light.'
Rosa Lee Parks is named in 'Daybreak' and Martin Luther King is referenced through the line 'I have a dream' in 'Love Spreads'.

Love Spreads: Multi-layered? | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Spreads performed by Stone Roses

There's so much that could be read into these lyrics; so many levels on which this could work.
It could be a challenge to the commonly-held beliefs of what Christ looked like and who he (or
she) was. On another level, at first read, it sounds like it takes place in the South. A man is picnicking when he witnesses a rape on a black
woman by a white man or men. He makes a mental connection between what she's enduring
with the pain and suffering of Christ. And even though he's just watching, he's thinking, "You're forgiven, but don't even think about leaving." While his attitude seems casual, this is clearly a warning. Maybe the man is a priest? As for the "Messiah is my sister" part, perhaps he's either comparing her to Christ who suffered with patience and in silence, waiting for it to end, or this woman for him has become a Messiah or THE Messiah.

Meaning of the Lyrics | Reviewer: Ja Quan
    ------ About the song Love Spreads performed by Stone Roses

This song is awsome. I spent a ton of time trying to find this on vinyl. Why? Because some songs deserve to be catalogued on vinyl for posterity. If you're wondering what the lyrics are refering to, listen up. This a direct challenge to the "accepted" idea of the Messaiah, Jesus. In the song though, a black woman is put into the place of Christ and you are asked to understand that the man seen in pictures on the cross may not be whom you are praying to->> (Lyrics "She didn't scream, she didn't make a sound/ I forgive you boy, but don't leave town/ Coal black skin, naked in the rain/ Hammer flash in the lightning, they're hurting her again")
Ask yourself, is Jesus who we depict him as in pictures? Maybe, but you must also consede that he may look entirely different. True, the Bible is the infallible word of God. But lets be honest, mankind is a fallible and oft wrong messenger.

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