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Kelly Rowland Stole Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2014 06:54:42 PM

He was always such a nice boy
The quiet one
With good intentions
He was down for his brother
Respectful to his mother
A good boy
But good don't get attention
One kid with a promise
The brightest kid in school
He's not a fool
Reading books about science and smart stuff
It's not enough, no
Cause smart don't make you cool, whoa

He's not invisible anymore
With his Father's 9 and a broken fuse
Since he walked through that Classroom door
He's all over primetime news

Mary's got the same size hands
As Marilyn Monroe
She put her fingers in the imprints
at Mann's Chinese Theatre show
She could've been a movie star
Never got the chance to go that far
Her life was stole
Now we'll never know

No no no no oh

They were crying to the camera
Said he never fitted in
He wasn't welcomed
He showed up to the parties
He was hanging in
Some guys was puttin' him down
Bullyin him round round
Now I wish I would've talked to him
Gave him the time of day not
turn away
If I woulda been the one to maybe go this far
He might have stayed at home
Playing angry chords on his guitar

He's not invisible anymore
With his baggy pants and his legs in chains
Since he walked through that classroom door
Everybody knows his name

Mary's got the same size hands (Oh)
As Marilyn Monroe
She put her fingers in the imprints (Ooh)
at Mann's Chinese Theatre show
She coulda been a movie star (She coulda been a movie star, oh)
Never got the chance to go that far
Her life was stole, ohh
Now we'll never know
(Now we'll never know, oh)

Greg was always getting net from 20 feet away (20 feet away)
He had a try out with the Sixers
Couldn't wait for Saturday (Saturday)
Now we're never gonna see him slam
Flying high as Kobe can
His life was stole (Stole)
Oh now we'll never know

Now we'll never never never know
Mmm now we'll never never never never know
Stole (Stole)
Oh whoa yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Mary's got the same size hands (Same size hands)
As Marilyn Monroe (Oh)
She put her fingers in the imprints
At Mann's Chinese Theatre show (She was gonna be a star)
She coulda been a movie star (Oh no)
Never got the chance to go that far (Never got the chance)
Her life was stole (Stole, stole)
Oh now we'll never know
(Now we'll never never know, no)

Greg was always getting net from 20 feet away (He had game, oh)
He had a try out with the Sixers
Couldn't wait for Saturday
Now we're never gonna see him slam (Never see him)
Flying high as Kobe can
His life was stole (Stole, oh)
Oh now we'll never know
(Now we'll never never know)

Oh no no no
Yeah their lives were stole
now we'll never know
Stole Stole Stole
We were here all together yesterday
Stole stole stole

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Two way answer | Reviewer: Ithinkiknow | 7/25/14

Without the video I believe that the boy became short tempered from being singled out and walked in to his class and started shooting killing Mary and Greg for whom which had much potential which they didn't get to portray. With the video I believe that the boy killed himself in the bathroom , Greg was shot by some jealous kids , and for Mary which is the hardest to guess but I believe that she could have possibly got pregnant because of the clip where she is lying on the floor crying and when she is at the doctor or she could have possibly been stressed from seeing such a horrific scene, and could have been traumatized.

kid baby | Reviewer: cassy | 1/14/12

basically, her name iz mary- she haz a cross round her neck in da video. and den a kid baby appears. she iz an metaphor for the virgin mary and it iz immaculate conception. dats where the baby comes from. she ran into the bathroom and found him died, it made her upset so god gave her life <3 its an allegory for religion and how it will save us all. its coz kelly is really catholic.

Lyrical breakdown | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/11

The song is called "Stole" which is the past tense of the verb steal which means to take. So apparently some lives were stolen. He was getting bullied for being a nerd got tired of it and shot both Mary and Greg and ended up in prison. It basically states that when she sings ....his fathers nine....legs in chains...we were here all together yesterday. There is nothing about a anyone having a kid or Greg going to prison or jealous kids. It is art imitating life (Columbine, Jonesboro, Virgina Tech).

The ideal interpretation | Reviewer: Gaylord Munemo | 8/15/11

The guy was bullied and isolated home(stil dont get attention) his father beat his affected him also. He eventually couldnt 'resist'(his fuse broken) the idea of suicide as he was going to kil himself at school...Mary ruined her future career coz of an unwantd pregnance and the guilty she faced apparently coz of the geering she did to him,bein the 1 to find him dead and not talking to him coz she liked to....greg was murdered by othe jealousy players coz he made it to the sixers....the lessön of the söng is that we should thnk before we act and when we hv to help,lets help coz wil b guilty to see that our help could hv made a change

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/11

i know what the song says, and what the video says, but to me i see it both ways, when im watching the video i think of teen suicide and of what the video tells me. when i just listen to the song i think of a boy who was pushed to far and snapped, and ended up killing Mary and Greg, of how much bulling messes up someones life, not just if they take their own life or others lives and end up going to prison or even becoming a bully themself, but those who have to continue life with the emotional scars of someone making you feel like nothing, like your not worth a thing.

yall r funny | Reviewer: l!L BeEeY0nCe | 6/2/11

i think that the person who says the other reviewers are wrong r stupid everyone sees things in different lights

i think that the nerdy boy got fed up of always being bullied and his mom getting beat up all tha time so he took his fathers gun to school and shot himself in the guys bathroom
it just so happens that mary was walking by the bathroom when he shot himself she got scared by the noise and went to investigate she was so traumatized by what she found that it made her go crazy(catastrophic events can do that to a person) and i dont see why the nerd wouldve killed himself if thats his baby but it does look a lot like him maybe mary is helping out with his little brother(down for his brother) the parents of the one killed and the one who found the one who was killed are usually close
greg had a tryout with the sixers but the other gangsters had something against him so they shot him u can tell it was them because as soon as he falls down they all start running
as for the guy with his legs in chains i think its the nerd's dad going to jail for abuse of his wife and everybody knows the nerds and his fathers names

you are all got it Ok | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/11

an unwelcomed kid commits a suicide and a girl that ends up who she is becouse she have a kid baby and Greg the basketball player that cought up with the wrong people and gets shot.
the thing i dont totaly understands is why we see the baby only at the end of the video i guess they trying to tell us that we are in a messed up world and our children will be in the same world if we dont do anything about it.

sorry for the misspelings, my english sucks

How stupid? | Reviewer: Chookie | 11/23/10

The video was made by Kelly's choice so of course she's going to make it relating to the lyrics. It's clear that this is what happened and it annoys me that you can't see it clearly... The nerdy kid killed himself!!! Mary never got to chance to be a movie star cos she had a kid!!! And the Greg guy was shot by the guy in prison!!! It's right there, it's obvious! Stop telling people there wrong when you are!
Anyway... :) love the song, it's great with a lot of meaning. Anything by Kelly is bound to be good.

Lyrics Meaning, Not the Video | Reviewer: Rachael | 11/3/10

Don't just assume the meaning from the video!! Read the lyrics, its about a bullied kid taking a gun into school and killing two other students who also had potential, probably injured others, the video had to be changed because it would hurt too many people to re-enact something so close to real life!

your all wrong | Reviewer: booby | 9/30/10

Okay your all wrong. the smart kid brought his gun to school one day cause he was sick of being picked on. mary coulda been a movie star but she didnt cause she ended up with a kid. greg was shot cause of jelious people. really listen to the words its not hard to figure it out! everyone need to learn who to listen, cause someone may come to you n want to talk to you about suiside. and if you dont listen you may lose someone you care about. r.i.p. baby. i love you with all my heart! im sorry i didnt listen

I have a song recommendation.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/10

This song makes much more sense now that I know the words. There's a song with a similar theme, "The Kinslayer" by Nightwish, and the NW song has impacted my life in such a positive way--I encourage anyone who likes this song to check out NW and the absolutely BEAUTIFUL music they make.

djfl | Reviewer: al | 9/3/10

the thing is, that wasnt the real video. they had to change it because it was too closely related to other shootings during that time period. you cant watch the video, you have to read the song. its about the boy who was fed up with bullies ("a broken fuse") and he walked into his classroom ("since he walked through that classroom door hes all over prime time news") he shot Mary who could have been more than anyone knew. and Greg who was a basketball star.

there is always a nother way! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/09

I am a girl of 13 years from Denmark, I'm okay pretty and popular. so the girls are jalux on me. my old best friend (anna) began to be jalux on me, so she began to bully me (everyday). it was finally so bad that I thought much to commit suicide if it were not for my family and my true friends I would had I done it. I learned to shut her out, so when she said or did something evil against me, it was not so bad more. but then started a new boy in my class (bertam) he is very tall and strong. he mobbede me physically, by pushing me into lockers, break my arms spake to me in the head, jump on me when I lay down, etc. Finally one day it became too much, I went home one day completely ruined because Anna had been sygisk evil and natural evil, luckily I had agreed with a girlfriend to be together that day, well but I went home after school and wrote a letter to my family about how much I loved them but I could not handle it anymore, one for my friends, also one to anna and Bertram where I wrote that it was their fault that I no longer lived, that they had killed me and that I hoped that they would feel bad the rest of their lives! and so I came to them in envelopes with their names, and went down the toilet to take pills, but my girlfriend's grace to come to me and we talked about everything and now I live a good life. so for all I being bullied, there is always a nother way!!!

love freja:0)

deeep! | Reviewer: Han' | 9/14/09

i'm not quite sure about the meaning,
it could be about columbine?
nerdy guy, has a messed up brain, and shoots mary & Greg, or
Greg dies, though he has a lot of potential,
something happens to Mary (pregnancy, the impact of finding a dead person, nerdy guy kills himself

this song made me cry when i understood the meaning x

This was the meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/09

The good boy shot him self in the girls bathroom where the girl found him and ran screaming in the video.
Greg got killed by a guy who was jealouse of him. Thats the guy who ended up in jail.
Mary got pregnant and had a baby shes at the end of the video with the baby.
The meaning of the song is that for every thing you do has a consequence either negative or positve.