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I won't stand in your way
Let your hatred grow
And she'll scream and she'll shout and she'll cry
And she had a name yes she had a name

And I wont hold you back
Let your anger rise
And we'll fly and we'll fall and we'll burn
No one will recall, no one will recall

This is the last time I'll abandon you
And this is
The last time I'll forget you
I wish I could

Look to the stars
Let hope burn in your eyes
And we'll love and we'll hate and we'll die
All to no avail, all to no avail

This is the last time I'll abandon you
And this is
The last time I'll forget you
I wish I could

This is the last time I'll abandon you
And this is
The last time I'll forget you
I wish I could

I wish I could

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Review | Reviewer: Mark Calaway | 1/27/14

Have been a fan for many years and I have to thank my best friend to introduce to a band that would lately become a tattoo around my very soul.

I think the true meaning of the song doesnt rest only in the Stockholm Syndrome incident back in Sweden. The raw power of the song reflects anger and despair, and the performance is sweetened with sadness and surrender. Its how they will love each other inside this impossible relationship, to fly, fall and love, hate and die... All to no avail. Just to repeat it all over again... He cant let go... He just wishes he could.
Its an impossible never-ending love.

Lush song - cant stop listening | Reviewer: Calmeister | 8/17/10

lol rrrTeddyBear I would be very, VERY worried if this is similar to how your ex best friend felt about you - Stockholm Syndrome is about Stockholm Syndrome - Meaning that when someonee is taken captive for a long time, they develope feelings of friendship or even sexual desire for their captor. Any way great song, great lyrics, nuff said.

Absolutely Brillant !! | Reviewer: emma | 7/23/10

Matt always is able to write lyrics that connect to so may people on different levels. But what makes the song so powerful for me is Matt's vocal range with the song, it's absolutely mind-blowing how he can put the right amount of emphasis(or passion) on every word. The first time i heard this song i was hooked. Muse will always be an amazing band for sure!

Best Song IMO | Reviewer: D-Reppin | 9/27/09

This song blends everything Music is all about; sound, lyrics, vocals, and atmosphere. This song lifts you up into the heavens, drops you on Cloud 9, and throws you straight down back to Earth with intensity and velocity. No other song that i've heard in my life has the kind of power this beautiful piece by Muse possesses. Best song ever for me, just beautifully sad and powerful; emotional.

wow. | Reviewer: rrrteddybear. | 5/24/09

i used to listen to this song and love it, not even taking in the lyrics.
now i have realized what it's about.
and to me it just perfectly describes the way [i think] my ex-best friend/love felt about me.

Passion goes with intelligence baby! | Reviewer: maurene | 3/26/09

I don't know, because they're sooo great, i get to have theories that matt have met aliens or was subconsciously contacting with them, and that's where it all comes from....but it's all rubbish and all their greatness and legendary acts are from their pouring passion and talents!

Genius! Very Great song, and i can't wait for your next album.^^

Lmao | Reviewer: Elena | 2/24/09

I've read past reviews about the meaning of the song and it's just as simple as the title. Remember that incident in Stockholm?....

Anywho, this song is a perfect one to sing out loud until you pass out!!!! Muse is the best band that will ever exist :)

awsome | Reviewer: aly | 1/19/09

wow... i can't believe i used to hate this band!!
i guess i never actually SAW them. this shit is fucking amazing. they write the most amazing songs, with amazing lyrics. i havent' heard many of their songs but i'm dying to get their albums. after hearing stockholm syndrom i can now see how good this band is.

such great lyrics.. they are so strong, so powerful and so real. very emotional but very ispirational.
omg. great work guys. and the thing i love most about this song , is because its so different. the tune changes in the verse and chorus, its like completley different, i love it.
so touching... great music Muse, well done!

my theory | Reviewer: Jaap | 1/21/08

I think he cheated on his gf and he tried to make it up with her in this song. The way it hits the stockholm syndrome is that he helped his captor (the misstres) in a unknown way.

Wow! | Reviewer: S | 9/8/07

A great title for a great song. A new muse fan but an amazed one. Thanx for introducing me to this great bad, J.

stockholm | Reviewer: isaac | 8/27/07

damn, what an amazing song, this is probably one of if not my favorite from muse, the guitar solo at the end fucking brings the house down, great job muse, you bring joy to my day everytime i hear those rifs

Stockholm Syndrome title IS appropriate | Reviewer: musicfan | 8/17/07

Hey, guy who posted earlier, can't you see? Stockholm Syndrome is a perfect title to describe the singer's ambivalent, trapped, passionate relationship with the person he's addressing. It's one more brilliant touch to an absolutely mind-blowing, amazing fucking song which reaches into my guts and squeezes them into paste. By the way, I've been suicidal before, and this song is probably the best depiction I've EVER heard of the combination of fear, anger and guilt that precedes such a state.

yaaay mussee <3 | Reviewer: kmeewl | 6/24/07

:D love the song :D i've been to one of their concerts last december :D:D they fucking rock

absolute..good songs | Reviewer: jimmy | 6/2/07

great songs...i hope, muse can renew it..maybe with new wave..or new creativity..

brilliant | Reviewer: E_E | 3/25/07

Could this song be any better? I think not. It is absolutely haunting and a thrill to listen to. It may be my favorite song of all time, and by far the best track by Muse.

bloody brilliant

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