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Kimya Dawson Stinky Stuff Lyrics

Last updated: 06/01/2011 12:00:00 PM

Once I knew a little girl
Who refused to eat
She just banged her head against the floor and
Didn’t sleep for a week
Both of her parents were mentally delayed and they
Lived in constant fear that their daughter would be taken away
So instead of getting help they just pretended
Everything was okay
So I called the social worker and said
Something is wrong, she said
You know how she turns into a brat when she doesn’t get what she wants
I’ll call you later when I’m done playing with my dog

Sometimes the world is dark and cold
And no matter what I’m told
I’m scared and I’m alone and I’m five years old
Will you hold my hand?

Once I knew a little guy
Runny nose and bruises on his thighs and I said hey
What happened here
He looked at me and said
Well my dad he hates me

So I called the social worker confidentially
And she called his mom and said
Guess who thinks your husband is beating up your son
Next thing I knew that family packed up
And they were gone

Back pressed flat against the wall
And they hit me with a ball
Pretend it didn’t hurt at all
Will you hold my hand?

Maybe I’ll call Oprah
There must be something she can do
I’ll say I’m fat and I’m black and I’m sick of seeing little kids feel blue
And me and Oprah we will fix CPS
And we’ll make sure that people working with kids have bigger hearts than the rest
And if you want to have a baby
You’ll have to past a test

It sucks when for a little kid living means lying
And the only place you feel safe is pretending your flying
And you’d rather be caught dead than be caught crying
Will you hold my hand?

Abuse and neglect are highly contagious so
I called that social worker up and I said
Hey lady you’re outrageous
She said smarty pants
You want a gold star?
I said no I wanna bash your head in
With a crowbar
But the cycle of violence has to end somewhere

Come and take a swim with me
We’ll wait under water patiently
For the output of endorphins as we’re swallowed by the sea
Will you hold my hand?
Will you hold my hand?
Will you hold my hand?
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