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Never a stranger to adventure either in realms of soul or
song, Sting has been having a year of new beginnings.

Certified triple platinum in the United States and nearing
worldwide sales of 7 million, Brand New Day has received
Grammy Awards for Best Pop Album and Best Pop Male Vocal
Performance and continues to weave its spell. A year and a
half on the charts, every day it entrances new listeners
with its echoes of Miles Davis and medieval plainsong, of
Algerian and American country music – all rendered with the
singer/composer’s More...

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Review about Sting & Police songs
Jung | Reviewer: Amanda J. Sheldon Exercise Physiologist, M.S.Ed.
    ------ About the song Synchronicity I performed by Sting & Police

Replace Chorus Line 7 "Causally connectable" with "Causally in-conncectable."
My suspicion is as follows:
1. In keeping with the theme of the song, i.e. Jung's principle, Line 7 of the Chorus (as written above) conflicts entirely, not only with the rest of the chorus lines, but with the very message of the song itself. Jung's principle of Synchronicity is precisely based on, and ultimately requisite of, the understanding that events that fall under its umbrella are NOT causally connectable.
3. From a purely poetic standpoint,once we pass the Introductory Line of the ChorusLine 7 (as written above) does not fit the pattern of all six remaining and supporting lines (Lines 2-6 and 8).
3. By coining the word "in-connectable"although perhaps audibly "almost imperceptible" in Sting's articulation of the song lyricswe can easily recognize what Sting has really written: a Chorus that, not only makes sense, but flows in perfect Synchronicity.

I Loved this | Reviewer: Cheri Feaster
    ------ About the song Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) performed by Sting & Police

True feeling put into lyrics and translated into movement! I am a Dancer! All my life I just think it could of been more expressive. Yet, I liked what I saw?

Classical 80s Hit Way Ahead of its Time | Reviewer: Mae
    ------ About the song King Of Pain performed by Sting & Police

I can still remember when this song first hit the airwaves. A tempo that's not very easy to follow accompanied by whimsical lyrics with deeper meaning. I've been following this song througout the years and it just never seems to grow old. The Police synchronously at their best. That's right, 'Synchronicity'.

Buddhism personified | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song King Of Pain performed by Sting & Police

The album title reflects Jung's ideas of meaningfully related but non- causality linked events .Each event described is linked through the soul of the singer. Sting had already embraced Buddhism and sees all life as interlinked . He is depressed for personal reasons and notices the sadness of the universe which, according to his religion is at always at one with himself and his wider consciousness. Line 11 suggests that he is heartbroken and this is therefore a love song, albeit broken love. This is reflected in the cruelty and desolation of every verse. Incidentally the red fox is "torn" by the huntsman's pack, adequately conveying the condition of the writer's savaged emotions. Haunting and evocative... the Police at their best.

Why all the confusion? | Reviewer: Facepalm
    ------ About the song Every Breath You Take performed by Sting & Police

it's clearly a song about obsessive love and has nothing whatsoever to do with the love for a child. And no, the subject matter doesn't disqualify it as a good song. How banal would music be if only happy-go-lucky lyrics equaled good songs?
I can't stand Sting but he penned a great number here.

Jesus, there are a lot of idiots on the internet!

this is not a straight up love song - read the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Every Breath You Take performed by Sting & Police

I cant believe people are saying this is to do with the love of a mother and a child...

The clue comes right at the end of the song

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I'll be watching you

Every vow you break? Every smile you fake?... hardly the words a doting mother or father would use. The whole song talks about how the subject of the song is missing the object of his affections:

Its only at the end the implied criticism comes in - suggesting that even though the subject of the song is besotted he thinks that she is false: a vow breaker, a fake smiler - its obvious this is about obsessive brokenhearted love. He's watching her - what for? - it doesnt say explicitly... but in this context it doesnt imply for any good reasons - revenge maybe - or just plain old stalking... either way this song is NOT a straight up love song or about filial love or even political... not if you take the lyrics at face value anyway

Scottish lake | Reviewer: Mr.lemming
    ------ About the song Synchronicity II performed by Sting & Police

A realistic view of the negative side of everyday life. The positives are overlooked here. Whatever...

The lines about the "Scottish lake"... what is the meaning of this part? Or has everyday life dulled me too much?

Deressing, but probably accurate. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Synchronicity II performed by Sting & Police

Gotta have an ultimate reason for living or ANYONE will eventually feel like the folks described here. People need to connect with their creator to understand the mess we've created on this planet... such a connection gives us the energy and will to know His ultimate positive plan for us all. Hint: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!!

Life isn't how you plan it | Reviewer: NeverSayNever
    ------ About the song Don't Stand So Close To Me performed by Sting & Police

Technically she's not my student, and I'm not her teacher... But she is about half my age and I am married with kids... And there is a college involved where she studies and I teach.

So it's no perverse or sicko thing. It's a reality. Don't judge the shoes you're too afraid to walk in. Hey to be fair I'll admit you're not meant to walk in my shoes, but believe me, and I don't mind quoting Maestro Sting again here, "Don't judge me... You might be me, in another life, in another set if circumstances".
You don't know what drives people to do what they do, but things happen. And no it ain't always love, but this song says a kit about being honest about feelings. Love. Honest about love. It IS love. It IS her!! I'm not lying to her. I'm not wanting to be her daddy. She has one. So do I. She's filling a huge void in my
Life and to that end, I'm intensely grateful. Time has te final say in deciding the destiny of this play, but neither she not I regret one moment in each others arms. Like it or not, it happens. Like it or not, it happens to honest people too.

Want to set you straight on the lyrics. | Reviewer: Setustraight
    ------ About the song Every Breath You Take performed by Sting & Police

Sting wrote this song as a political statement (as most of the Police songs are) telling the government that "Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every bond you break, Every step you take, I'll be watching you."

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