Sting & Police Albums

  • The Last Ship Album (9/24/2013)
    The Last Ship
    Dead Man's Boots
    And Yet
    August Winds
    Language Of Birds
    Practical Arrangement
    The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance
    Ballad Of The Great Eastern
    What Have We Got?
    I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else
    So To Speak
    The Last Ship (Reprise)
    Bonus Tracks
    It's Not The Same Moon
    Sky Hooks And Tartan Paint
    Show Some Respect
    Jock The Singing Welder
    Peggy's Song

  • If On A Winter's Night... Album (10/26/2009)
    Gabriel's Message
    Soul Cake
    There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue
    The Snow It Melts The Soonest
    Christmas At Sea
    Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
    Cold Song
    The Burning Babe
    Now Winter Comes Slowly
    The Hounds Of Winter
    Cherry Tree Carol
    Lullaby For An Anxious Child
    Hurdy Gurdy Man
    You Only Cross My Mind In Winter
    A Cradle Song
    Coventry Carol
    Bethlehem Down

  • Songs from the Labyrinth Album (10/10/2006)
    Can She Excuse My Wrongs?
    Flow, My Tears (Lachrimae)
    Have You Seen The Bright Lily Grow
    The Lowest Trees Have Tops
    Fine Knacks For Ladies
    Come, Heavy Sleep
    Come Again
    Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me
    Weep You No More, Sad Fountain
    Clear Or Cloudy
    In Darkness Let Me Dwell

  • Every Breath You Take - The Classics Album (1/11/2005)
    Can't Stand Losing You
    Message in a Bottle
    Walking on the Moon
    Don't Stand So Close to Me '86
    De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
    Invisible Sun
    Spirits in the Material World
    Every Breath You Take
    King of Pain
    Wrapped Around Your Finger

  • Sacred Love Album (9/30/2003)
  • Brand New Day Album (9/28/1999)
  • Sting At The Movies Album (6/1/1999)
  • The Sting Remasters Album (6/1/1998)
  • Strontium 90 - Police Academy Album (7/29/1997)
  • Mercury Falling Album (3/1/1996)
  • Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-1994 Album (11/1/1994)
  • Message In A Box Album (9/28/1993)
  • Ten Summoner's Tales Album (3/1/1993)
  • The Police Greatest Hits Album (9/1/1992)
  • Acoustic Live In Newcastle Album (11/1/1991)
  • The Soul Cages Album (1/1/1991)
  • Nada Como El Sol Album (10/25/1990)
  • The Very Best Of Sting/Police Album (11/1/1987)
  • ...Nothing Like The Sun Album (10/1/1987)
  • Every Breath You Take - The Singles Album (11/1/1986)
  • Bring On The Night Album (7/1/1986)
  • The Dream Of The Blue Turtles Album (7/1/1985)
  • The Police Live! Album (5/1/1985)
  • Synchronicity Album (6/1/1983)
  • Ghost In The Machine Album (10/1/1981)
  • Zenyatta Mondatta Album (10/3/1980)
  • Reggatta de Blanc Album (10/5/1979)
  • Outlandos d'Amour Album (10/17/1978)

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    The Police | Reviewer: holly
        ------ About the album Synchronicity performed by Sting & Police

    The name of the group is 'The Police' not 'Sting and The Police' I'd like to see you buy an album with a group called Sting and the Police ' They weren't Like 'Adam and the ants '. Stuart Copeland actually was the one who founded the band 'not' sting he was/ is the lead singer this doesn't mean he was lead on the marquee.

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