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Emerson, Lake & Palmer Still....You Turn Me On Lyrics

Last updated: 03/06/2011 10:00:00 AM

Do you wanna be an angel
Do you wanna be a star
Do you wanna play some magic
On my guitar
Do you wanna be a poet
Do you wanna be my string
You could be anything

Do you wanna be the lover of another undercover
You could even be the
Man on the moon

Do you wanna be the player
Do you wanna be the string
Let me tell you something
It just don't mean a thing

You see it really doesn't matter
When you're buried in disguise
By the dark glass on your eyes
Though your flesh has crystalliZed turn me on

Do you wanna be the pillow
Where I lay my head
Do you wanna be the feathers
Lying IN my bed
Do you wanna be the cover
Of a magazine
Create a scene

Every day a little sadder
A little madder
Someone get me a ladder

Do you wanna be the singer
Do you wanna be the song
Let me tell you something
You just couldn't be more wrong

You see I really have to tell you
That it all gets so intense
From my experience
It just doesn't seem to make sense turn me on

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one of my faves(C'est La Vie too..) | Reviewer: Rashid | 7/20/2008

yes Lyn,, this is one of their best, that whole Brain Salad is..had it for 30 something odd years on LP..also love LUCKY MAN,,and C'est La Vie,but the version live, with Canadian orchestra,,is superb live flawless better then studio I say..great band they were...

My Absolute fav song of ELP | Reviewer: Lyn | 7/17/2007

This song, both music and lyrics are my all time favorite of not only ELP, but of anyone of this time. The words say it all, then the music puts the icing on the cake!! Listen to this song on repeat at full blast/bass on my headphones.