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The Yardbirds Still I'm Sad Lyrics

Last updated: 09/24/2008 11:00:00 AM

The lyrics are completely wrong; these are the correct lyrics.

See the stars come falling down from the sky
Gently passing they kiss your tears as you cry
See the wind come softly blow the hair from your face
See the rain come hide away in disgrace

Still I'm Sad

For myself my tears just fall into dust
Day will dry them and night will find they are lost
Now I find that time is blowing tide into my heart
Let the rain fall, for we are apart

How I'm Sad
How I'm Sad
Oh How I'm Sad

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Gregorian Chants | Reviewer: Simon | 9/30/2004

In the Yardbirds by John Platt, Chris Dreja and Jim McCartney - Chris Dreja remembers that they used to invent Gregorian-style chants to pass the time away during the long trips in the van on the way to and from gigs.

Still I'm Sad was good, but a more haunting song was Turn Into Earth.

In the second and last verse of Still I'm Sad, the last line should be:
How I'm Sad
How I'm Sad
Oh - How I'm Sad.

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