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Natasha Bedingfield Still Here Lyrics

Last updated: 04/23/2007 12:00:00 PM

You looked at me and saw what i never could see
You made me be more than i thought i could ever be
Then when i needed a friend you were always there to let me up
To make me strong...

You're not gone, you're..

Still here
With me all the time
You're still here

When I close my eyes
I still see you
I still feel you
And we'll never be apart
You're still here
Still here in my heart
In my heart

Because of you I knew how it felt to be loved
You made me feel beautiful, 'cause you believed i was
And I will never forget how you touched my life
You made me feel like a belonged
You'll live on


All my life
You'll be in my life
You'll be a part of me
I'll just think of you and you'll still be oooh
You'll still be here
Still here
You're with me all the time