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When one is called upon to define musical genius, few would
have any difficulty associating Stevie Wonders' creativity
with the term. His ability to "see" the world's ugly
inhabitants as well as the world's beautifulness and then
transcribing what he has "seen" is nothing short of genius.
My first contact with this genius was back in the early
70's. Even though I remembered such songs as "Fingertips",
"Blowin' in the Wind" and "Sylvia", it wasn't until the
release of Where I'm Coming From and Music of My Mind that
I came to realize More...

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Review about Stevie Wonder songs
GLH HEART | Reviewer: MS Lula
    ------ About the song Black Orchid performed by Stevie Wonder

The song is soft,settled in how someone is not suppose live but yet exists in power and love to change their world. Even in the midst of her own pain she touches the lives of others to survive herself.POWERFUL!!!

Stevie's Best | Reviewer: B.L. Bailey
    ------ About the song Living For The City performed by Stevie Wonder

Love this song to death, Much like the Temps "PaPa Was A Rolling Stone" or Bobby Womacks "Across 110 Street", it is another definitive period piece reflecting with absolute perfection the black urban experience post MLK! The imagery of the lyric is as tightly reflective of the period as anything Dylan ever wrote in his folk protest period! Great song!

Heart breakingly true | Reviewer: Michael berg
    ------ About the song Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer performed by Stevie Wonder

Anyone who has lost a lover, a spouse, or even a pet can relate to this song. It just happens to be summer but it can be any season or any year. Heartbreak is heartbreak. We have all experienced it and late at night we cry.

I love this song | Reviewer: Patti Foms
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

I'm in my 50s and remember reading this book for English class, and seeing the movie later. But this song actually reminds me of the death of my father and is very special to me. In one breath he was gone. I thought he would live forever. But now he is somewhere where he is young again (gold) and carefree.

Swedish Stevie | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Superstition performed by Stevie Wonder

Another great version is this http: //
jam session with Morgan Ågren, Mats Öberg & Mikael Emsing. Like the original Stevie, the swedish "Stevie" Mats Öberg (keyboard and song) is an amazing keyboard and harmonica player, and it seems like he can sing too. (But maybe he didn't rehearse the lyrics.)

Just to copy Stevie, Mats is completely blind (AND suffer from serious tinnitus).

bee me | Reviewer: bee
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

yes... im 54 now... and i remember the movie well... especially when a greaser kid maintained his dignity and stayed gold... and then the song ... fitting tribute to a young man and yes... stay gold...

The Best Thing | Reviewer: Outsiders Lover
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

This book, this movie, this story.. will be with me forever. It's unfathomable how much it touched me. My family has lived in Tulsa since, well forever, and I live there now. Before, all me and my friends wanted to do was leave this town. Leave boring old pathetic Oklahoma for something better. A life of glamour and luxury in a big city, such as L.A. Or Hollywood, or New York-- someplace famous. But now, but NOW I treasure my little town with my whole heart. The message this story sends: I can feel it in this city every minute of every day now. Stay Gold. Those two words will always be engraved in me. You don't know how much more I love life now, thanks to S. E. Hinton. The Outsiders is truly the best thing.

PERFTABLOUS | Reviewer: Ashley The Sexy Beast
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

I had to read the outsiders for English and the meaning is amazing. I now live with a meaning. Dally was my fav cause like him I didn't care about life. I was here only for the people around me. and this song is amazing too,the words, the beat, the everything. "Stay Gold"

Stay Gold | Reviewer: Alex C.
    ------ About the song Stay Gold performed by Stevie Wonder

The Outsiders always will be the book that changed my life forever. Before I read the book, my life was boring, and every day was the same, but since I've read the book, it has changed my perspective on life forever. I try new expiriences, I say hello to complete strangers, and I'm thankful all the time for the wonderful oppurtunity that I have been given to start my life over. The oppurtunity to actually live, instead of being just another face in the crowd.

S.E.Hinton, you brought me to life, and I will forever thank you.

Overjoyed to Find Overjoyed Lyrics | Reviewer: Jazzy G
    ------ About the song Overjoyed performed by Stevie Wonder

A vastly underrated and maybe under-appreciated song. But Stevie, the genius, SOARS in this song. And in so doing, he draws me inside the music, oblivious to eveything else, and lifts my spirit. RARE PERFECTION.

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