Stevie Wonder Albums

  • A Time To Love Album (10/18/2005)
    If Your Love Cannot Be Moved
    Sweetest Somebody I Know
    Moon Blue
    From The Bottom Of My Heart
    Please Don't Hurt My Baby
    How Will I Know
    My Love Is On Fire
    Passionate Raindrops
    Tell Your Heart I Love You
    True Love
    Shelter In The Rain
    So What The Fuss?
    Can't Imagine Love Without You
    A Time To Love

  • Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium Album (10/17/2000)
    Ribbon In The Sky
    Front Line
    That Girl
    Do I Do

  • Someday At Christmas Album (8/9/2000)
    Someday At Christmas
    Silver Bells
    Ave Maria
    The Little Drummer Boy
    One Little Christmas Tree
    The Day That Love Began
    The Christmas Song
    Bedtime For Toys
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Me
    A Warm Little Home On A Hill
    What Christmas Means To Me

  • Uptight Album (10/5/1998)
    Blowin' In The Wind
    Contract On Love
    Hold Me
    Uptight (Everything's Alright)

  • Song Review-Greatest Hits Album (12/10/1996)
  • Natural Wonder Album (11/21/1995)
  • Conversation Peace Album (3/21/1995)
  • My Cherie Amour Album (2/10/1992)
  • Jungle Fever Album (5/22/1991)
  • Characters Album (11/6/1987)
  • In Square Circle Album (9/13/1985)
  • The Woman in Red Album (8/28/1984)
  • Hotter Than July Album (9/29/1980)
  • Stevie Wonder's Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants Album (10/30/1979)
  • Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants Album (10/30/1979)
  • Songs In The Key Of Life Album (9/28/1976)
  • Fulfillingness' First Finale Album (7/22/1974)
  • Innervisions Album (8/3/1973)
  • Talking Book Album (10/27/1972)
  • Music Of My Mind Album (3/3/1972)
  • Where I'm Coming From Album (4/12/1971)
  • Signed, Sealed And Delivered Album (8/7/1970)
  • Signed, Sealed & Delivered Album (8/7/1970)
  • For Once in My Life Album (12/6/1968)
  • I Was Made To Love Her Album (1/6/1967)
  • Uptight (Everything's Alright) Album (5/4/1966)
  • Down To Earth Album (1/1/1966)
  • Stevie At The Beach Album (8/1/1964)
  • With A Song In My Heart Album (12/28/1963)
  • Tribute To Uncle Ray Album (10/1/1962)

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    Reviews about Stevie Wonder albums

    Stevie Wonder a genius | Reviewer: Anthony Whelan
        ------ About the album Fulfillingness' First Finale performed by Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder was my hero. The first time I heard Stevie Wonder was in 1974. My brother had just bought a new stereo system and a few Stevie Wonder albums. Higher Ground was playing: I was hooked. The next album I listened to was Talking Book, and then Fulfillingness' First Finale. All my friends were into white rock bands, and didn't like my taste in black music, as they put it. I didn't care, and I lost a few friends. Fulfillingness' First Finale is a very good album, but there is some crap on it. It has been over thirty years since I first had the album, and probably haven't listened to it in twenty. I had the good fortune to meet Stevie in person, shook his hand and had a few words with him. That was in Melbourne, Australia, in 1979, or was it 1980? I was blown away by how humble he was. The guy's a genius. Stevie is coming back to Melbourne in September this year, but alas, I have a family to support and can't make it.

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