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There are a ton of songs about falling in love and about
break-ups, but in my opinion, there aren’t enough songs
that dive deep into what happens in relationships on a
day-to-day basis,” observes Steven Curtis Chapman. “That’s
something that I really felt I wanted to explore with this

With his wife Mary Beth providing inspiration, Steven’s
crafted the musically diverse and lyrically profound All
About Love, a disarmingly honest album that is clearly not
a collection of traditional love songs.

“Mary Beth and I are More...

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Review about Steven Curtis Chapman songs
It's Just a Euphemism | Reviewer: Mark
    ------ About the song Burn The Ships performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

The euphemism of "burning the ships" meaning a way to force things forward with no way to turn back is used all the time in many context. Do you attack them all? I have used it many times and it communicated what I needed it to communicate. How many people research the inception of every phrase or term used? Close enough to zero to say zero! For many Christians the euphemism was effective. For others, I think you are looking for something else. Do not ruin it fore the rest of us.

Hand me the torch! Burn the Ships! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Burn The Ships performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

I was in such physical and emotional pain when I heard this song for the first time that all I could do was cry.....right there and then, driving my private school bus full of rude and irreverent children, They thought I was crying because I couldn't handle THEM. I was crying because I was suddenly hearing The words I needed to hear so badly. From that moment on, I couldn't get enough of Stephen and his music and his gentle, caring words entered my life like a breath of longing I'd been searching for, and I held on TIGHT! We had a tremendous make-it-fold -up -and-give-up move to be made, and somewhere in that move I lost my copy of the song. It broke my heart ;this song had brought more comfort, courage and a pathway to my unhappy heart. I hadn't thought of looking you up on google or facebook....I am truly not a techie. But I had the chance to attend Your Glorious Unfolding tour and it was so wonderful....I thought I might have a chance to buy the entire cd with that song on it I just HAD to try! Please, Stephen , can you find a copy of it to me? I will be SO happy to pay for it! Thank you SO much!!

Feet of Jesus | Reviewer: Alexander Evanhighii
    ------ About the song Feet Of Jesus performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

Many times am filled with confusion and wonder, am i really saved? But this song opened my eyes to the truth that i haven't lay those heartfelt burdens down. Immediately i did and spoke to him, my heart became lifted wit a great peace and that is how i gained victory. Chapman, stay close to the holy spirit to hear more of his voice so that "greater works" will manifest in your songs

Thank you, Lord! | Reviewer: Will Richards
    ------ About the song His Strength Is Perfect performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

I am autistic, and that means that my brain works differently than most people. I am going through a hard time in school and I know this song by heart. We all need Jesus! Without him, I would be utterly miserable. I hope everyone can see that, but they can't without Jesus coming in to your life. I hope you do, I'm praying for you.

A Christmas Card | Reviewer: Rachel McBride
    ------ About the song Christmas Card performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

Last year I held a fund raiser to get items and money for a group of Special OP troops stationed in the Middle East. My son was there and was XO of more than 200 soldiers. It was very successful. I wanted to do a video for the families here at home. Just so they would know that their loved ones had Christmas. I used your song "Christmas Card" as back ground music. I heard you sing it on the 700 Club and knew your song was the right one for the video. In fact it was perfect. God bless you sir.

Memories | Reviewer: carolyn jaques
    ------ About the song Going Home For Christmas performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

I have had this CD for several years this song always makes me reminds so much of my Mother In Law who in 2002 past away right after Chrismas and shewas a huge Christmas person..there was not 1 square inch of her house that was not decorated..that was the gathering place for daughters memories as children are often remembered during this time..I feeled Blessed to have had this person in my life she was so adored by everyone..

Beautiful Song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Great Expectations performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman has done a great job in the composition of music with his addition of orchestral pop to add a pleasant vibe to the overall sound of the song. The chorus is something that stands out as outstanding, both lyrically and musically.

Awe-inspiring Glorious Unfolding of God's Promise | Reviewer: Marita Pierce
    ------ About the song The Glorious Unfolding performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

As a very recent Cancer Conqueror, Steven Curtis Chapman's Glorious Unfolding music really spoke to my heart. The message is exactly what I feel God is telling me. Very heavenly, inspiring, uplifting, God-focused music that gives glory to God and blesses my spirit. Oh, I had joyful tears as I listened to the Glorious Unfolding of God's promise in my life. God bless you, Steven Curtis Chapman for continuously writing heaven-inspired music that bless the Lord and the human spirit and heart.

Perfect timing | Reviewer: Gwen
    ------ About the song His Strength Is Perfect performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

I was so low after having gone through children moving to another state and not being near enough to family, so sad. I remember trying to find songs to sing in church, but nothing felt right until.....I heard this. Thank you so much for your gift of saying the right things and giving of yourself. I pray God continues to anoint you in your ministry as he does in all the people you affect.....

Blessed.... | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song The Invitation performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

This song has been such a blessing to my wife Cheryl and I from the moment we first heard it! Mr. Chapman is a very talented singer/song writer and I feel, has an annointing on his music! Keep up the great work sir in praising our Lord in song!

John Miller

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