Steve Perry Lyrics

Name: Steve Perry

Born: January 22, 1949

Birthplace: Hanford, California

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Mother: Mary Perry

Father: Raymond Perry

Siblings: Only Child

Steve Perry has had a very successful career. He has lead
one of the most successful bands of the 70's, 80's, and
90's while continuing a prosperous solo career. Mr. Perry
is best known for being the lead singer in the band
Journey. He recorded 10 albums with Journey that sold more
then 45 million copies. With this Steve also recorded two
highly successful solo More...

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Review about Steve Perry songs
You Better Wait | Reviewer: Alicia Hudencial
    ------ About the song You Better Wait performed by Steve Perry

Such a lovely song , I am speechless listening to it now. That voice is amazing! Crazy about this singer,songwriter,truly one of a kind...hoping for him to sing again for his fans.

2nd verse actual lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Anyway performed by Steve Perry

The second verse actually goes "we believed in music/brothers till the end/nothing stood between us/a fire burned within/ oh how I remember/WOUNDE BUT ALIVE/Lost in my insanity/escaping to survive"

I have piano sheet music for the song and that's what they say, so I listened to the song and it definitely sounds more like "wounded but alive" than "beneath the lights"

Lyrics are proper | Reviewer: Stephen
    ------ About the song I Stand Alone performed by Steve Perry

These lyrics are correct. Notice this is Steve Perry's song, it was featured on his album, "Steve Perry's Greatest Hits+5 Unreleased". It was accompanied by other songs like "Call Me, If You Need Me" by Alien Project ( the demo in which Steve Perry was first heard of by Herbie Herbert- Journeys' former manager.) The lyrics included in this listing are correct. I know this because I just compared them to the lyrics written in my sheet music. So, let's try to get our facts straight next time.

Just happen to hear | Reviewer: Jeff Myers
    ------ About the song Anyway performed by Steve Perry

I happen to be hiking and traveling for the past year so I hadn't had the time to spend stuff like going online, etc. But today while online I ran into Steves' "Anyway" which was recorded in 2005 and its' even more beautiful than "Quest for Camolot"one of my favorite. Its' similar to some of the lyric tenor songs recorded by Andrea Bocelli several of them not just a melody and than chorus, but with several of 'em. What a beautiful song by the voice.

One of the Most Beautiful and Poignant Songs on FTLOSM CD | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Anyway performed by Steve Perry

Ever since my daughter was a teenager in the early days of MTV, I have watched Journey and I must say I enjoyed them more than she did ! I think it's disgraceful the way Steve was treated. I thought that musicians, as artists, are respectful to each other. Steve never has cursed out any of the other guys in the group in any of his interviews.

This song is his way of apologizing for ay hurt he may have caused to the other bandmates. How beautiful and heartfelt the lyrics are to this song. Love it.

PERFECT | Reviewer: Cricket
    ------ About the song Go Away performed by Steve Perry

In my opinion, as a die-hard Perry fan, this is one of his best songs...the melody, the tempo, and oh....oh...oh...his STYLE! Soooo smooth- As only Steve can do! The One, The Only, The Voice!! Still lovin' him after 30 years!

RE: Lyrics? | Reviewer: jess
    ------ About the song I Stand Alone performed by Steve Perry

on the soundtrack there are two different versions of I stane Alone, this one and the one sung by bryan white. that is the one you are thinking of, the one in the movie. personally i like that ine better. but these lyrics are correct for this version of the song.

The best voice ever! | Reviewer: feefee
    ------ About the song Oh Sherrie performed by Steve Perry

Discovered this song and Steve Perry whilst living in America in 1983/ was played continuously on MTV. Hearing his voice takes me back to those days instantly! I have been hooked on Steve Perry and Journey ever since.

Lyrics? | Reviewer: Logan
    ------ About the song I Stand Alone performed by Steve Perry

Definitely some lyrics missing there.
I don't know the song very well, but it's a beautiful song, so I remember some of it.

"I've seen your world, through these very eyes.
Don't come any closer, don't even try"

Those lines should be in there somewhere, but I don't see them.

The Voice Untouchable | Reviewer: OCbaby
    ------ About the song Anyway performed by Steve Perry

This was written with emotion and love. His passion and sincerity was very revealing in this piece. He has class and was trying to apologize for the wrong he did, but I never hear Neil apologize. Mr. Perry always brings out the truth and passion in his songs. If you are looking for any of Steve's CD's you can order them on or Also if you have a Best Buy, I know that at mine they have them there also. I hope this helps you. Mr. P's voice is untouchable in my opinion. No matter if it is high or low, you can always distinguish his voice from others. One of those voices you can pick out of a song if you don't know who did it. Mr. P. YOU ROCK!

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