Steve Perry Albums

  • Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased Album (12/15/1998)
    Oh, Sherrie
    Foolish Heart
    She's Mine
    Strung Out
    Go Away
    When You're In Love (For The First Time)
    Against The Wall
    Forever Right Or Wrong (Love's Like A River)
    Summer Of Luv
    Once In A Lifetime, Girl
    What Was
    You Better Wait
    Missing You
    I Stand Alone
    It Won't Be You
    If You Need Me, Call Me

  • For the Love of Strange Medicine Album (9/1/1994)
    You Better Wait
    Young Hearts Forever
    I Am
    Stand up (Before It's Too Late)
    For the Love of Strange Medicine
    Listen to Your Heart
    Donna Please
    Tuesday Heartache
    Missing You
    Somewhere There's Hope

  • Street Talk Album (9/1/1984)
    Oh Sherrie
    I Believe
    Go Away
    Foolish Heart
    It's Only Love
    She's Mine
    You Should Be Happy
    Running Alone
    Captured by the Moment
    Strung Out

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    Reviews about Steve Perry albums
    omg so smooth, stevie, all the way! | Reviewer: elleb
        ------ About the album Street Talk performed by Steve Perry

    Fantastic, lyrics, music arrangements, new instruments like the sax, in 'I Believe' and all the bonus tracks. Lots of Sam Cooke influence, lots of somgs that make me feel he's 'Street Talkin' right to me. I'm in, Steve, definitely in. Join me for a cup of coffee? I've written a few songs you'll definitely like. Hey, ask the boys to come too, we could probably knock a few together before lunch. You'll find me where u&kh were in NY for mris and left CDs for patients like me who have to use these machines too. Anyway, 12/11 I'll be there, you can leave word if you like. Thanks, Music Man, you're Mom sure taught you well; such a gent.

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