Stereophonics Lyrics

Stuart Cable (Drums),
Kelly Jones (Vocals, Guitars)
Richard Jones (Bass).

"Jones’s voice is a killer instrument too, simultaneously
raw and mellow, while his lyrics nail the disdain, boredom
and affection inherent in small-town life." Q on Kelly

"On tunes such as ‘Not Up To You’ his drum patterns breathe
life into the song and momentum into the show." The Times
on Stuart Cable.

"...just like any other bass player - hanging back and
looking cool." Richard Jones defines his role for Kerrang.

If there's a dictum that seems More...

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Review about Stereophonics songs
maybe I'll find a home for me to come back. Tomorrow or someday. I'll wait. | Reviewer: Sache
    ------ About the song Maybe Tomorrow performed by Stereophonics

the feeling in this song, that I can pretty much relate to.
after all, I'm a coward who always feel stranded wherever I am.
I'm a greedy child who consistently run away from everything, just clinging to such hope that I'll find home.
so maybe I'll just smoke my way out of here.

This was not written by Stereophonics! | Reviewer: Jon
    ------ About the song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face performed by Stereophonics

Mustafa is completely wrong here. The Stereophonics covered the song. They were not even born when it was written in 1957! This was written by Ewan MacColl for his wife Peggy Seeger who was the daughter of legendary protest singer Pete Seeger who influenced Bob Dylan & most of the early folk scene. Ewan Maccoll's daughter Kirsty who died under a speedboat propeller a few years ago was equally talented.

jammin with traffic | Reviewer: les chapman
    ------ About the song Traffic performed by Stereophonics

The writing talents of the 4 original members will always have an impact on most of the current rock artists. Their songwriting can be as different from each other, & still musically perform as a very tight & precise unit. May Chris Wood & Jim Capaldi continue jamming in the great gig in the sky!!!

Meaning | Reviewer: Pat Hagar from Bootle
    ------ About the song Local Boy In The Photograph performed by Stereophonics

Kelly Jones gives the true meaning of the song on that tv show he did from the Hay Festival.(It was shown on the SKY ARTS,channel)The song is about a boy he knew who commited suicide on a train track.Lovely song,yet so sad at the same time.The local newspaper printed the lads photo,so he was the "local boy in the photograph".

Maybe Tomorrow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Maybe Tomorrow performed by Stereophonics

In my opinion, this song is about being lost and feeling like you don't belong. In that situation, the only thing you can do is hope, that something will change and who knows, maybe tomorrow, it will.

.....I'll find my way home..... | Reviewer: Synister
    ------ About the song Maybe Tomorrow performed by Stereophonics

I can't believe no one has ever reviewed this song. I think it's pretty self explanatory of what this song means. Even the video kind of makes clear. What makes this song so amazing is that almost anyone can relate to the feeling of being in a place in one's life where one feels that they don't really fit in or "it isn't home." God knows I've felt this way my whole life and I'm still looking for the tomorrow where I'll find home, metaphorically speaking. This song is so beautiful and amazingly written. I can tell that he was probably going through a lot before or during the making of this song. The live version of this song is absolutely stunning. I don't think there is any song in the world that can out do this song. It's an instant classic.

Deep - very deep | Reviewer: A P
    ------ About the song Since I Told You It's Over performed by Stereophonics

Just discovered this song and went on the site to find the lyrics (Its my personal best actually). Very deep lyrics. Stereophonics sing songs of this attitude, but this one is jsut right for sitting at the bar and drinking or sadness down the drain.

handbags and gladrags lyric variations | Reviewer: mn55
    ------ About the song handbags and gladrags performed by Stereophonics

There are several slight variations in the lyrics depending on which version you're listening to, one for example is: "The handbags and the gladrags that your Grandad had to sweat so you could buy"
which is grammatically poor but sounds ok when sung.

The Meaning of the song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Local Boy In The Photograph performed by Stereophonics

Near Flint in North Wales a young man committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a train.

I understand that he was known to some of the band members as they are from the area and it is a tribute to him.

c'mon the boyos | Reviewer: I_AM_WALES ! ! ! ! !
    ------ About the song A Thousand Trees performed by Stereophonics

legind song too bad the whoever wrote the lyrics on this site dunno the first part of the song. . . . . .

"standing at the bus-stop with my shopping in my hands, when im over here and out with the ladies, as the rumors start to fly

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