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Tesla Steppin' Over Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2008 12:00:00 PM

never said i knew
all the
right things to do
but i know when
somethings wrong
why would you choose,
knowing that you'd loose ,
once again
it's lost and gone
never gonna change
'cause you made up your mind
ain't no body stoppin you
crossing that line

you're steppin over
to the other side
where nothins real
and only appeals
to how it makes you feel inside
I know although it seems
the grass is growin and its always green
you're steppin over (to the other side)

wish i knew a way
and all the
right things to say
only no way
you'd hear what i'd say
i remember when
you used to be a friend i could talk to
and i trusted you
you say it doesn't matter
but did you want it this way
ain't nobody stoppin you,
take it away


Step on over, it's all yours
no one can touch you in your world
you're safe inside
don't even take the time to think about what you lost on your way to paradise

I've been hopin'
you open your eyes
that you see it right
i'm still hopin'
i keep dreamin'
to set it aside, stop feelin' alive
only i'm lying to myself
if it doesn't matter,
then your losing your mind
ain't nobody stoppin you, cross that line

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